Website SEO Checklist – All Blogger Should Follow

Hey Guys! How are you all? This is my 88th Post on this Blog. I’m really excited. Those Who are bloggers or webmasters, Knows the value of SEO. And You must very careful when you apply SEO to your website/blog because your one mistake can washout your whole hard work. So Today I’ll share Website SEO Checklist which is basic seo checklist by which you can check your Mistakes in SEO.

If you think some methods are fixed in seo then my friend you are wrong. There’s no fix method for SEO, every time new and changed method comes for SEO that you need to apply otherwise your rank will be gone. There was some Popular SEO Method that Don’t Work Today.

Guys As you know, SEO is so broad, Many methods comes and goes and there are some things which always help you in SEO. What Everyone Called ‘Website SEO Checklist‘. If you do SEO for new website or if you are doing SEO audit of any website then you must know Basic SEO Checklist for SEO Analyse of that website.

So, On, I’m explaining Some Best SEO Best Practices checklist which gonna affect positively your search engines ranking if you implement given Website SEO Checklist on your blog.

Best Website SEO Checklist:

Guys Given Website SEO Checklist have both on page SEO checklist and Off page SEO checklist and i try to cover all important factors and SEO checker.

1#. Keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO. I also talk about the Importance of keywords In SEO. So make sure you are using the right keywords for the site. and to choose rights, there are many Best Free Keyword Research tools for SEO which help you to choose the right keywords for your website.

Also, make sure that you used the targeted keyword in every post/page.

2#. Link Building

Link Building is also an important part of Website SEO Checklist. and Link Building play the very important part in Search engine ranking. Link Building is of 3 types which are:

  • Internal Linking in Website: Internal Linking is the process in which you add your own site links in your content to provide the good user experience. This also help to Increase user engagement. If you do good Internal linking then you’ll able to reduce your bounce rate. But Internal Linking should be an inflow of Content. Don’t try to do Internal linking forcefully.
  • Backlinks for the website: Many time i explain how important backlinks are for getting higher rank in search engines. You should know what type of backlinks you have. If you have low-Quality backlink then you will hardly get search engine ranking. Now Google Focusing on Quality Backlinks. So try to get Quality Backlinks for High PA DA Websites.

3#. Content

I Explained Why Content is king in my post ‘How to Write SEO Rich Content For Your Blog.’ So Guys, If you want to get good search engine ranking of your website then Focus on your content. That should not copied and meaningless.

Try to Serve Unique, meaningful and full of Quality content to your readers. Otherwise, users will never visit again on your blog. So Remember this Website SEO Checklist and this comes in on page seo checklist.

4#. Meta Tags

Meta Title/Description i explained in Basic SEO Tips post. So Visit and Learn.

5#. Sitemap

This is also Comes in Website SEO Checklist. Your blog/website should have the sitemap. Sitemap is a type of map which help search engines to index all your Web pages and content.

Learn How to Create .xml Sitemap for WordPress website and Know What is Sitemap for SEO and Why Sitemap is Important for SEO?

6#. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best online tool which help you to track everything of your website. It help you to know about your bounce rate, you can know what users doing on your blog, Know which post getting higher visit etc.

7#. Other SEO best practices checklist

  • Use of Image ALT Tags.
  • Check of Broken links because it can affect badly on Ranking.
  • Use Robots.txt file
  • Responsive design
  • Website loading time.
  • Add your website into Google Webmaster tools.
  • Check 404 errors.
  • Also Make Contact us Page.

So Guys these above were Some Important Website SEO Checklist which you should and every blogger follow. Do not try any shortcut to get rank because google know everything that you know. Best Way to get rank by doing white hat SEO because it is the ethical way and google loves it. And White hat SEO show the effect for a long time.

So That’s it from Website SEO Checklist hope this will help you. There are many other factors too but i think these are important. Also, Share your SEO best practices checklist with me in comments. Thanks


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