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Hi! Today We’ll Talk on social media strategy and I’ll share Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business that help you for Social Media Marketing for you business. And i’ll tell you how you can use social media management tools for your website/business growth.

Social Media Platforms was created to make good Connection between families, friends, relatives and other individuals. And this really works. By using Social Media Platforms peoples connect each other from all over the world. Social Media Platforms Help users to share experiences and other things like pictures, video etc with each other. It doesn’t matter how far away they are. Social Media is the big revolution in human history. Social media also help users for marketing and makes opportunities on social media platforms.

But now you have seen also, the most popular social media change social media strategy. Now people using social media for business also and old social media strategy mostly die these day.

Now Social Media Marketing is famous to get business from social media platforms. Big Companies are now have a special department of social media advertising which help to grow business.

Using social media for marketing is not bad at all. You need to understand that social media marketing for small business is also important. It help small business to reach to right audience.

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So here are Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business which help you in Social Media Marketing

1#. Facebook

Facebook Counts in best social media sites. It has is the largest active users on the web from all around the world. Facebook is the best social media platforms to grow business. Using social media for business can increase your sales and online presence 10 times. Facebook is the best place where you can tell about your business and target your right audience. This is what we called ‘Social Media Marketing’.

2#. Twitter

Twitter was Founded on 21 March 2006, San Francisco, California, United States. you can also use this social media for business by promoting your business aslike facebook, But it’s writing limits is 140-character. you can target you high class audience on twitter from all over the world. Twitter also have larger amount of active users. So using social media for marketing can boost your business for free.

3#. Google+

If you want to Grow your business then you must use all social media platforms. Google+ is a part of google where you can share pictures, videos, Links etc. Google+ not less than facebook, twitter, it also have million of active users. As i already told you Using social media for marketing the strategy part of all big companies. They know the power of social media platforms. You you guys also do social media advertising.

4#. Tumblr

Tumblr is microblogging Kind of social media platforms Founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc. Tumblr is mix of both social network and a blogging platform. this is also counted in best social media sites. Tumblr is is available in 15 languages all over the world. you take the advantage of these social media platforms for business.

5#. Linkedin

Linkedin is professional networking site where users can search for Jobs, hire peoples for companies. Social media is the big change in our life. Now people can get job by using social media and also can grow business by using social media for marketing.

And the best part you can use this site in  24 languages and 30% of LinkedIn subscribers are mainly recruiters. so chances are more to get job.

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