What are the Techniques to make Backlinks – How to Build Backlinks

So In My Last Post I Discuss About What Is Link Building in SEO and Why Is It Important?  If you Didn’t Read my last post then please read it so that you can understand this post on which we are talking about the Techniques to make Backlinks so that you can understand How to Build Backlinks.


You can read Why Link Building is Important.

Before Go ahead you can also check..

Before telling you What are the Techniques to make Backlinks and How to Build Backlinks, let recall How to make Backlinks..

  • By Directory Link Building Method
  • By Comment Link Building Method
  • By Forum Link Building Method
  • By Social Bookmarking method
  • By Guest Posting Method
  • By Article Marketing Method
  • BY Infographic Submission.

So Let start… Please Read it carefully, It will help you alot.

=> Directory Link Building Method

Directory Link Building is the process in which we submit our website URL to Other website Directory. Some Directory are free and some ask to payment to give you backlink. You can get Free Directory List here. Directory Link Building is the most common process that every web owner do to get good backlink and good ranking in google.

=> Comment Link Building Method

As you can see Name Tell everything. Comment link Building is the process in which we leave a comment on blog posts and Get backlinks from the blogs. But Leaving your Website URL on Blog posts will give you no-follow backlink.

=>Forum Link Building Method

Forum is the place where users posts their problem and other users answers their solution. Forum Link Building is the process where you need to find your relevant forum website and tell users about your website. So that other users can get information from your website. For Example I want to promote my website and get backlinks so i’ll find SEO Forums website So I read users issue and give them solution and add link through a resource box which is known as a signature.

=> Social Bookmarking method

We already many time discuss about Social Bookmarking . You can read about Social Bookmarking Here. Let me tell you in simple way, Social bookmarking is the process to save web pages in a public location on the web.

=> Guest Posting Method

Guest Posting is the most popular Way to get traffic and rank over the years which is done by writing a high-quality article and posting to a blog with a link back to your website. It give Dofollow link which is very important to rank and website.

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