Rules to Follow Before You Start Earning from Blog

Simple Rules to Start Earning from Blog

Hi! Want to Start Earning from Blog then, Earning Money from blog is always a dream of every blogger. But Firstly you need to understand how to earn money by blogging . Earn money from blog ads is not so hard but it is not easy too. Blogging needs your time and dedication towards many things.

Many Of Beginners who starts blogging by thinks that they will get success in just 1-2 month only. But My Friend dedication towards blogging is very important. And Take my one free suggestion, If you are coming in blogging field to just earn by blogging then you are in wrong field. You can Earn money from blog ads But you need to follow some Rules first.

So today I’ll explain 3 simple rules which needs to follow by bloggers before making money blogging:

Earning from Blog#1. Content of your blog must be Meaningful .

What I think about Blogging is as a blogger you need to firstly focus on your Content Quality. Quality of content what a blogger need to focus because you will never get google adsense account if your blog don’t have quality content or copied content.

Let’s take a simple example, Why a company will hire you for the job when they have already appointed batter person then you. As like here Why Google will show ads on your blog or website when he already showing ads on better quality website.

let’s take one more example, You visit in 5 hotels continuously for 7 days and taste some dishes. But what happen next. You find that 4 Hotels give you the same taste every day but 1 hotel give you the different and unique taste every day. What Will you do? Will you ever visit in that 4 hotels who having same taste? I personally never visit and try to visit in that one hotel that give different taste.

So Same Here in blogging, You need to give good, quality, Unique and Meaningful content to users so that they visit your website regularly.

People on Internet are consistently try to search for uniqueness. If you not able to give some different taste to uses then Stop here and do anther work and just forget to Earning Money from blog.

Content is the king and Content is also the insurance of your website and your earning.

#2. Don’t monetize your blog too early

Everyone want to earn money from blog ads, But for earn by blogging you need to have very patience. Some of Beginner Bloggers make huge mistake by monetize your blog too early. Your visitor thinks that you made this blog just to earn by blogging.

Firstly you need to make some reputation of your blog on internet, let people find your blog. Wait for 3-6 Month and have patience. Remember that you will need a lots of traffic before you Earning Money from blog. and When you able to monetize your blog then you can Start Earning from Blog.

But Some of bloggers make one more mistake, When they monetize blog, then they think that now it’s time for earning and put lots of ads on every page. Please Don’t do that.

Now the 3rd and also important point is..

#3. Working hard with mind and being consistent

Rules to Follow Before You Start Earning from Blog
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Those People who work hard with consistency never get failed in life. Either it’s Professional life or personal Life. Hard work Pays off. There are many thing that you need to focus on. You need to make backlinks, do comments on blogs, Guest posting etc and these things takes time.

You have to give time when you want to earn by blogging. Many Peoples start blogging and Left due to time management issue. So Start blogging if you can give time. Blogging also became family. You need to regularly update you blog. So it’s not easy to become blogger and earn money from blog ads. If you can do these thing then surely you will became good blogger.

I hope these Point will help you to Start Earning from Blog and Learn how to earn money by blogging.

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