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Hi! Today we are taking about How to Speed Up WordPress Site & Why It Important. Many of users Created website on WordPress Because WordPress is very User-friendly Platform to create website.

But Is your WordPress website is open very slow? Are pages and posts loading slowly and you don’t know why? Don’t worry, I’ll will tell you why this is happen and how to solve this issue.


Causes for Slow wordpress Website

I can give you many reasons for Slow WordPress loading issue but i’ll give you some very important reasons which cause the most time for slow wordpress website.

Faster opening of wordpress websites result in a better user experience.

  • Poor Hosting
  • Poor Code
  • Unoptimized Images or Large Images
  • Plugins
  • Unnecessary Data

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I will Discuses these 5 Points with you and give you the solution to boost up your wordpress website speed. Before going farther, you can check your website speed on Pingdom from different locations.

As You can see my website result i tested on Pingdom. Don’t worry you will also get the answer of how to speed up wordpress site.

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  1. Great post! Some of the other tips to Speed up wordpress website are Minimize HTTPS request, Image optimization, Browser caching, Adding CDN, Removing unnecessary plugins.


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