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All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking: So Guys Today is 20 Sept, 2017 and today my blog completed 40 days. I start my career as Call Center Executive in 2012. but later on i got job of SEO Excutive and then i learn about SEO there. But some people think why i start my blogging career so late. So Guys I start making website since 2015 but never think for blogging but now i’m here.

Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking
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So Guys Now wasting so much of time i got many mails in which people’s tell me their Problems Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking. So today I’m sharing All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking related to those question. It’s a Question answer type Session. if you have any Question then mail me on

Here are All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking

Q.1 “I am Doing SEO of my website for 6 months but still not getting any ranking in google. Why? Please Help!” – Rohan Singh

Ans. Dear Rohan! There is many factors to get rank in google. But firstly to need to be keep patient and then focus on your On Page SEO Techniques. Are you doing On page SEO as par the Google Algorithm. and You must also know about Popular SEO Method that Don’t Work Today so that you can save your time.

Now, Focus on Quality Work in Off page SEO. Try to Get High Pagerank Quality Backlinks. Many of Newbie make Blog and focus to make backlinks in large amount. So Don’t do this. Now Google count Quality works.

Read More Here: These 5 Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes and How to Start SEO for New Website.

Q.2 “I Create blog on Daily News. My Blog is now older than 1 Month but Still my Google Adsense Account is not approving. Even I’ve More than 40 Post. But Why? Please let me know. ” – Pawanpreet

All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking
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Ans. Dear Pawanpreet. I can Understand what you are feeling. Having Google Adsense account is the dream of every Blogger. But as you said, you account is not getting approved by google adsense. I checked your blog and found many mistake you’ve done in your blog which are:

  • Some of your content is copied from other website.
  • Content length is short.
  • Your On page SEO is not good so improve.
  • Content Quality is very poor.

So Pawan, Try to Resolve this issue because these are very common mistake which are done by your. I also write an article to know How to Get Google Adsense Approval for New Blog, Please Follow this post and you will learn your mistakes. Also Visit learn How to Write SEO Rich Content For Your Blog. Because Content is the king. You need very High Quality Content.

If you get approval then you should know the way to keep Google Adsense Account Safe and Protect from Disabled which is very important.

Q.3 “I want to start blogging but i don’t understand what type of keywords should i Choose so that i easily get rank in google. Please suggest something.” – Swati Bhatia

All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking
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Ans. SEO is need Easy these days. Competition is very high but good to know that you want to start your own blog. Swati, You ask very good question, because some people work on high competition keywords and after some time they give up. Let me tell you, Firstly you need search on Low competition but high CPC keywords. I know it’ll take some time but think for the future, You will get rank easily by doing some Quality SEO on your blog.

So learn Importance of keywords In SEO and also know about Some Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid.

Q.4 “Can I use Two Google Adsense account on same website or Can i show ads of two google adsense account on same website?” – Vinay Pathak

Ans. Dear Vinay, Earlier the same question was come in my mind and i ask Google Adsense team about this and I got this mail.

All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking
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So There is no problem to use two AdSense accounts on the same website. But there is some condition which need to be follow which is:

Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking
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And also Google have rule to allow single google adsense account to single person. Google now allow to have two adsense account with same bank details. If you have two adsense accounts then the account should have different payee name and payment details. Otherwise google will banned your both accounts.

Q.5 “Lalit, I have 90% visitor from social media only like Facebook, So Is there any problem? Is google accept all traffic from social media?” – Sumit Sharma

Ans. Dear Sumit, There is no problem in general to receive traffic from social media. But make sure you are receiving only real traffic. Fake traffic is not allowed and no profit to give fake traffic.

You Must also learn more about Traffic source

These Guys these were the question were asked and here i give All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking.

keep sending and asking me Question related to SEO/Adsense/blogging etc and i really happy to give All Solution Related SEO/Adsense/Blogging/Ranking.


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