How to setup custom domain on blogger with godaddy

Hey Guys! I have seen many people who don’t have the budget to make the whole website and buy hosting. They just go for a free domain with a free blog like free blogging platforms like or But I like to recommend to use a custom domain name instead of free domain name. because custom domain impression is good. So In this post, I’ll tell you the whole process which explains How to setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy?

Before explaining the process, let me tell the newbies regarding a free domain name and custom domain name.

If you are going to make your blog on with free domain name then you get your domain name like, and these type of domain name are called ‘Free domain name’. And Custom domain looks like is one of a good example of a custom domain. Custom Domain has lots of benefits.

But adding the custom domain in BlogSpot is a technical part, so I’m sharing How to setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy.

How to setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy

Firstly you need to buy a domain and these days you can get at cheap rates. This is an investment.

Setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy

This is the first step to Setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy. Firstly you need to Open your Open your Blogger dashboard and Click on Settings > Basics 

setup custom domain

Now Click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog.

  • Now you need to add your custom domain Here. And Remember You must to add the domain with www.

setup custom domain

  • Now, After it, if you try to save, it will show you error 32. That means you need to verify your domain name by adding Name, Label or Host field which also given by (as you can saw in below image.)

setup custom domain

After having CNAME details, it’s time update these CNAME details to your domain. and for this, you need to open your GoDaddy control panel, and make changes. follow the steps to update.

Setting up CNAME and A Record for BlogSpot Custom

  • Male Login to your Godaddy Account and Go to My products and click on DNS.

setup custom domain

  • After clicking on DNS, Below Window will open and click on add.

setup custom domain

  • Now Follow the below step and fill the field. and save it.

setup custom domain

The first Step is complete. Now time to add 2nd File.

  • after saving that, Again click on Add and fill as below Image.

setup custom domain

Save it.

The last Step now. You need to add 4 I.P. Address to your A record (As same above).

Here are the 4 I.P:

setup custom domain

you fill 4 I.P

So Guys, After all these steps, Again open Blogger dashboard and Save it where we left it. and you will receive this message.

setup custom domain

Blogger Is free guys, you just need to pay for the domain and just need to setup custom domain on blogger. So This is how you can setup custom domain on blogger with GoDaddy.

If you are facing any issue or you want to give any suggestion then please do comment.

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