Some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018

SEO Myths You Should Leave: Hey Guys!! In my last post, I had shared some Highest Paying Google Adsense Countries 2018 which can help you to increase your Google Adsense revenue. And Yes, If you are a blogger by passion then you must struggle every time to get traffic to your blog or website because it’s really hard to get that. And If you want to get traffic from Search Engines then for that you must do SEO (search engine optimization) and there are many ways to do SEO which are explained by many SEO Experts and of course, you will get SEO information for doing SEO and explain How to do SEO on many websites and blogs. But Everyone explained differently in different ways. It’s really hard to understand which is the right way.

But, It depends on you, your experience in SEO to decide on which way to have to trust. and that’s why we are going to Explain Some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018 to become a successful blogger.

SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018

SEO Myths You Should Leave

So Guys, Let’s Understand SEO Myths You Should Leave to become a successful blogger.

1# Meta Tags Doesn’t matter

Till 2016-17, All the search engines give ranking on the basic of Meta Tags like meta title, meta description tags but after the improvement of technology and advancements, search engines give the ranking on the basis of Content quality, not meta tags. So, these days peoples will advise you to avoid meta tags.

But this is bad advice for you which could be a bad nightmare for you. I know these days Tags are not much important that used to be before but still meta tags matter these days.

So I suggest you use meta tags in every post.

2# .com domain will get traffic from other

Some of your friends and online blog say that if you buy .com domain for your blog then you will get huge traffic. and if you bought other extensions then you will not get traffic to your blog. But this is a big myth and this needs to burst. but this is not true friends. These SEO Myths You Should Leave for successful blogging.

You can buy any domain extension because there is no relation between search engines traffic and domain extensions. These are just for your customers or visitors who can remember your website name. And Usually, Peoples buy .com extension and this is stuck in all other minds that .com are very good domain extension to get traffic. That doesn’t mean that other domain extensions likes .in, .co, .net,, etc are not suitable for traffic.

The value of all other domain extensions is equal to .com extension. And Yes if you are making Country-specific websites then .in (for India) can be better then .com domain extension.

3# Backlinking Or Internal linking doesn’t matter

I have seen many websites and blogs on which they mainly advise you to focus on content. and some of them will say making backlinks are boring and Internal linking too and it doesn’t matter because Content is king.

I Do Agree that Content is king nowadays but Don’t ignore to build backlinks but if you make backlink and do internal linking naturally then it’s a plus point for your content too. and you also know that internal linking helps to reduce bounce. And it just a myth that Backlinking Or Internal linking doesn’t matter. Actually, they do.

4# New Content? Rank Higher

So above were some SEO Myths You Should Leave in 2018 to become successful. But As you know when things get renewed by the time when technology gets better then the content becomes out-of-date and it needs new content instead for a better result. Suppose someone’s blog is 2-3 years old but the blog is ranked on the first number, then it does not mean that if you just publish new content/post also get rank on the first page of Google.

There are many factors which responsible for ranking not only the new content. If a blog is old with content then there are many things behind it.

5# Blog ranking will high by Hiring SEO Agency

This is a Huge Myth that if you hire an SEO Agency or SEO company for doing SEO for your blog or website help to increase ranking. But this is not sure at all. But yes! I’m not saying that you will not get any benefit from it, you will definitely get some benefits. There are many SEO Agency which can help you to get search engine ranking but you must have Patience for that. As you know, SEO is a time consuming and long team process which also gives the result for long-term.

So if you have deep pockets then you can hire SEO company for SEO because you need to pay every month. If you don’t have money to pay them, at last, you have to work hard.

SEO Myths You Should Leave

6# Guest Blogging not affecting

Do You know Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO? if no then read them first them. I have seen many people who do Back Hat SEO like making backlinks doing the Guest posting on irrelevant blogs. By doing this, you might get ranking in short time but its temporary because These leads to Spam backlinks and google punished these type of website.

But some webmasters have a doubt who do Guest Blogging/Post and make backlinks by the natural way that maybe google assume it spam backlink because others are doing it by wrong way. But Don’t worry, If you are doing it in a natural way then do not worry, Google also has some brain 😀 google will not count in spam and give you all benefits.

These are some Some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018.

7#. Keyword Search is waste

Many People thinks that Keyword Search is waste of time. They just Open their blog and write anything, then wait, wait and wait for traffic and thinks why traffic is not coming? Think, why people will visit your website or blog when they don’t search whatever you write.

In School, we learn that if we need success then we need to do planning before doing anything. So Keyword search is very important to increase traffic.

8# Paid Search gives you better ranking

Many of Digital marketers from all over the world will advise you to do paid search campaigns in search engines by saying that you will also get benefits in the ranking. But Guys also one of the SEO Myths You Should Leave.

So these were some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018 to get success. You can Focus on:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Content of website/blog
  • Quality Backlinks

So How are this articles guys Do share with your friends too so that they can also forget these SEO Myths? I hope you understand all things what I said. If you face any issue in SEO then do comment or message me on twitter or facebook.


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