How to Secure WordPress Website? – Tips to Protect WordPress Blog

Hay Guys! You Know hackers are everywhere and any website become the victim of hackers. And if you do not apply any wordpress security then definitely it’s become very easy to hack wordpress website. And these days WordPress is the most popular platform to blog any kind of website like e-commerce, blog, etc. Even Some time before, My blog also hacked by someone and then i realized that i definitely write post to tell you How to Secure WordPress Website?

Secure WordPress Website
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Why everyone wants to Create a Website with WordPress? Because WordPress is so user friendly, no need to learn coding and you can get themes free and paid according to your business.

But the problem is, wordpress website security is not so good. After create wordpress website, You need to Apply wordpress security to secure wordpress Website. As per one survey, 80-85 million are on wordpress but sadly, 70-75% attacked by hackers.

A Lot of bloggers who created wordpress website are in problem to secure wordpress Website. So Today i’ll tell you How to Secure WordPress Website?

How to Secure WordPress Website?

Below are the important tips for wordpress security and secure wordpress Website.

Secure WordPress Website
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1#. Nulled Plugins and Themes

Do Not Use Nulled Plugins and Themes. If you are thinking to download any theme or plugin then download it from trusted website. Maximum time wordpress website hacked due to Nulled Plugins and Themes. Even When i was new, my website got hacked due to Nulled Plugins and Themes.

If you want to install any plugin then download it from WordPress plugin installer from your dashboard. And i like to suggest you to buy theme for wordpress which is good.

2#. Update your wordpress

If you want to secure wordpress Website then Updating you wordpress is the powerful solution because WordPress always try to fix security bug that spotted.

So Whenever you got WordPress update, update it without any problem because new update always come with new features and security.

3#. Password

When you install WordPress in your hosting then you received default username and password of your wordpress website and these are very easy to brake by hackers by brute-force attacks.

So Whenever you install wordpress then change that default password.

4#. Use passwords more complex

Most of the people use easy to remember password like Date of birth, Girlfriend name, pet name etc so do not use these type of passwords. These are very easy to guess. So use password which are easy to remember but more complex. Like use Upper and lower case characters, use numbers and special characters like @#$%^. and also make sure you remember the password or store it at another location. And also keep changing your password after every 2-3 month.

5#. Update theme and plugins

Sometime theme and plugins update new features and newbies ignore to update. So Do not ignore that. Whenever you receive any update then update it ASAP because theme and plugins are the backdoor and if you did not do this then your wordpress website might be hacked.

6# Delete waste theme and plugins

Many Newcomers use many themes and install many plugins which has no need, so look at the list of your plugins and themes and which you are not using and delete them.

7#. Change your admin Login page

Every person and hacker know the default login page, which is start /wp-admin after domain name. So I advise you to change login url by using WPS Hide Login plugin or you can find many plugin that enable you to customize your login URL. and then you can easily Secure WordPress Website.

8#. Protect all wp-include files with htaccess

If Hackers able to break wordpress security then they will know the location of all your core files so Use htaccess to block ability to access that.

Here are some more tips to secure wordpress Website and make wordpress website security batter.

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So Guys these were some tips to secure wordpress Website. Let me know do you face hacking issue with your wordpress website.


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