Reciprocal Links And One Way Links – Which is Batter Choice for SEO?

Welcome to Best SEO Advise. Today We are going to Discuss on Reciprocal Links and One Way Links and understand Which is Batter Choice for SEO? And Understand the difference between reciprocal links and one-way link/backlinks.

Many Of SEO Beginners Don’t Know about Reciprocal Links and they even don’t know that reciprocal links good or bad.

Reciprocal Links vs One Way LinksDetailed Knowledge can Improve your skills in any field. And In SEO, knowledge of Reciprocal link and One-way link can help you to decide which one to use for SEO and which one not. But First Need to Understand Which is Reciprocal Links?

What is Reciprocal Links? (understand Reciprocal Links And One Way Links)

Reciprocal Links And One Way LinksA reciprocal link is the process to exchange Website URL on their own website to each other’s website. Or you can say this process is also called partnership of two website which want to give good user experience.

Reciprocal links also help a webmaster in many ways like Increase of traffic, improve search ranking, provide good user experience to your readers etc.

Reciprocal links is the best way to improve your website ranking. But if it has done in the right way. Overload of Reciprocal Links on your website can also damage your website ranking.

If you are exchanging link with another website then You need to very sure that it’s related to your website.

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But the Main Question is..

How to get Reciprocal links?

After Understand Which is Which is Reciprocal Links now you will easily Understand how to get Reciprocal links? Here are some tips to get Reciprocal links…

  • You can Contact other website owners that Niche is also same as like you and ask them to exchange links. You can Put their links on your website and they will do the same. It Will give Huge increment in Traffic as well as search ranking.


  • Some directory Websites give Facility to give and take Reciprocal links. So Find some High PR directory Sites list and submit website your website with Reciprocal links.


  • Do Not use any software to make Reciprocal links.


  • Make Sure you are exchanging link with your relevant website which having good PR.

Coin have Two Faces, Aslike Reciprocal links have good effect as well as Bad Effect. Please Read Why Backlink Exchange Program or Reciprocal links is Bad For Your Website.



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