How to Publish Facebook Page for Free | Working Appeal on Facebook

Hello Guys!! Welcome to BSA Blog and today I’ll let you know how to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page for free and I’ll tell you the Working Appeal on Facebook which help you to publish your page.

I’m posting this article to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page because Recently my page which is named “Bollywood Icons” was Unpublished by Facebook by referring rules and regulations. But I didn’t do any policy violation but still, my page was Unpublished.

I invest around 1300$ to build that page by boosting. But my bad, This thing happened to me. This was the first time that I was facing issue from facebook. But I Didn’t give up and i did lots of search on the internet and found that many people facing the same issue of facebook page unpublished automatically but they don’t have any solution of it to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page.

How to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page

So in this post, i’ll tell you how to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page for free easily and I’ll also tell you the proper way How to appeal for the unpublished facebook page. But You know that ‘prevention is better than cure’, so before making facebook page, Must read Facebook terms and conditions to avoid your Facebook page from being unpublished. Here are also some terms and conditions which i want to highlight.

  • Do not post any content which is very much adult or nude.
  • Do not post any content/Images that hurt anyone feelings.
  • Do not SPAM on the page.

If Your page does not meet with Facebook terms and conditions that Facebook has all rights to unpublished your facebook page and after unpublished, then the people who liked your page and other peoples no longer are able to see your posts on their news feed.

Prevent your facebook page from Unpublished:

Here are some tips to Prevent your facebook page from Unpublished

1#. Illegal Likes or Fake Likes

More Likes Equals to More Publicity and more opportunity of business. That’s true but to get more and more likes on facebook page by the Illegal way is not good. You can find many people and website which are selling facebook page likes online by saying Quality likes. So Guys do not purchase likes from these types of websites.

Get genuine likes by boosting your page on facebook itself. because fake likes or likes from the external source are tracked by Facebook.

2#. Post-Non-Controversial Content

I have seen many pages who post-violence/nudity/Controversial like religion Controversy Content on pages. So what you do when you see that type of Content? Obviously, I report to Facebook and I think many of you do. And Facebook takes action against it and in that action, facebook can Unpublished your facebook page any time.

So Do not Post Controversial Content on your facebook page like posting any kind of content that violence or threat among different communities, religion. Do not do that.

3#. Do Not Spam on Facebook

Do no Spam on Facebook by your facebook page because if Facebook found your any post spammy then it can Unpublish your page for that reason. For example,  Your are just posting your website link on facebook page then it counts in spam.

4#. Do Not do Illegal Marketing

Don’t try to be so smart Because facebook knows everything. Now you’re wondering that why I’m saying these words because many people use facebook for Illegal Marketing, which is against Facebook rules and regulations.

5#. Do not involve in Illegitimate Activities

Do not promote in those activities which are not authorized by the law like match-fixing, gambling, terrorism, etc on your facebook page. This can unpublish your facebook page.

Now It’s time to know how to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page for free and Below are some steps to get Publish Unpublished Facebook Page for free.

Publish Unpublished Facebook Page

  1. Delete all Your Posts: The first step after Unpublished of your Facebook Page is to Delete all Your Posts which were posted.
  2. Appeal: After the First step, make an Appeal to Facebook regarding the publishing of your facebook page. Here is the link of Facebook page appeal form
  3. Submit your appeal: Now You will see the option to choose your page and then give details which shown in Image.

Now, this is a working procedure to Publish Unpublished Facebook Page. You will get replay by Facebook when Facebook make any decision. This procedure 90% working which help you to get Publish Unpublished Facebook Page.



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