Things That Every Blogger Should Measure with Google Analytics

Hey Mates! Without Right guidance in life, We can not get success in Life and survive for a long time. Same in Blogging, Without right tools and plans in blogging, you can not get success or you cannot hold success for a long time. There are many things that we need to watch or considered to Get Success With Your Blog. And one thing is to monitor the activity on their blogs by users and everyone knows that Google Analytics is the best tools for this kind of job. So In this post, I’ll tell you about some important and New Blogging Tips about Google Analytics that will help you can measure things which help you to step up to get success.

New Blogging Tips And Google Analytics

Below are some New Blogging Tips for Google Analytics which help you to grow your blog:

NEw Blogging Tips

#Paid Campaigns

As a blogger, If you are doing paid promotion of your blog then you must want to know that which of your ad campaigns are bringing in the most conversions or traffic to your blog. And Google Analytics (G.A) give this type of facility which allows knowing which ad is performing good and which one is bad. so you can close and invest in ads.

This will also let you know that if they are on the right way or not, I mean they are achieving their purpose or not.

#Traffic from which Countries

All the blogger want to get successful worldwide by there blog. obviously Me also and Google Analytics helps me to find out that from which countries the users are coming on my blog. you can also get the information about from which city the users are coming. This tool is very awesome for bloggers. By using this feature, you can target that country and get lots of benefits. So Don’t miss these New Blogging Tips.

#People Interest

Do you know why People will visit your blog? If you give them meaningless, copied content or insufficient Content then nobody wants to visit your blog and neither google will give you a good rank.

If you give good and meaningful information on your website then surely users will attract. And G.A Will give information about keywords by which users are coming in your blog.

So I’ll advise you to write and Updated content which users want to read.

#Bounce Rate

Bounce rate plays a very important part in SEO. If your bounce rate of your website is very high, that means, peoples are not taking interest in your blog’s posts. And Google Analytics will help you by showing what pages are having high bounce rate.

Then you can work on those post to make it better. I hope these New Blogging Tips will help.

#Mobile Traffic Behavior

As the Mobile revolution, maximum people use mobile to read news, articles, shopping etc. A Survey proves that more than 85% activities done over the phone. After Mobile algorithms update, Google prefers those websites or give better search results for those websites which are mobile compatible or can say mobile friendly. G.A can help you to find out that whether the users from mobile having a good time on your blog or not.

But always make sure, your blog should both mobile and desktop compatible. These are best New Blogging Tips.

So Guys, These were some New Blogging Tips which makes your blog better. I hope you follow these and take full advantage of G.A.


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