Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017 – Best WordPress Plugins

Some Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017 Which can Increase your Traffic and Ranking.

WordPress is one of the Popular and Easy Platform to build Website either it’s e-commerce or normal website. It’s a kind of Platform which don’t need any coding knowledge or background. Anyone can manage Website on wordpress easily. and Must Have WordPress Plugins makes your work easy. In my last post i already shared How to Create a Website with WordPress and also explain How to Setup WordPress Blog, So you can visit and learn how to Build website on WordPress.

must-have-wordpress-pluginSo, Today I’ll tell you Some Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017. So that wordpress plugins help you to increase you user engagement, traffic and ranking. But Let me tell you something before process anything. Suppose You have a new house but it’s empty. What will you do to makes look better so that your friends and relatives talks about your house…? Of Course you will decorate your house and put products like sofa, bed, telivation, A.C., etc.

So Here WordPress is your home and products like sofa, bed, etc are Plugins which help you to decorate your website. But WordPress have lots of plugin so you must choose best wordpress plugins only. Because if you add unnecessary Plugins in your wordpress blog then they can slow down your website.

But as you know, , only making a fancy website is not good enough. You must make sure that it reaches out to your target audience. So For this,  you need make your website reachable to all search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. But how do you do that? You can do this by using wordpress seo plugin.

Like this I’ll let you know about Must have plugins for wordpress 2017 so that you can add best wordpress plugins and makes your website perfect.

1#. Newsletter Plugin

WordPress Newsletter Plugin is counted in the wordpress best plugins which can convert your website visitors into email subscribers. You can Increase your active email list and by this you can send Newsletters to your visitors and they will again came back to your website. This is Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017.

2#. Contact Form

Contact Form by WPForms is also the best plugins for wordpress because it play the important part to contact with your customer. For example, you Create a Website with WordPress but there is no option to contact you. then this best wordpress plugins will help you to create contact form without any coding. This is also counted in best plugins for wordpress.

3#. Google Analytics

Google analytics plugin is the must have plugins for wordpress. By this wordpress plugins you can track your visitor such as location of users, landing pages, exit pages etc. Google analytics plugin counts in top wordpress plugins.

4#. Sucuri Security

Online Security of your wordpress website is always a big problem. So Sucuri Security Provide you the protection for your website. This plugin Counts in wordpress top plugins.

5#. Backupbuddy

When you have concern about online security then What is best then backup of your data. Anyone don’t want to lose data at any cost. So Backupbuddy Help you to get backup of your website data. This is also must have plugins for wordpress 2017-18.


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