How to Make Money as Writer | Earn Money by Writing

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing well, and I want to ask something. Do You want to Earn Money? Oh Yes! Of course, Everyone wants to earn money. And if you are a Content Writer then you can earn money by writing. There are many ways that will help you to Earn Money by Writing from your office, home etc as a freelance if you know how to. And the first step you can take by creating a blog which will promote your content and services and will increase your brand and online presence.

So, Today in this post, i’ll tell you some best ways that will help you to Make Money as Writer.

Earn Money

Earn Money by starting a blog

If you are a good Content writer then blogging is the perfect way to Earn Money. What you need to do is to start a blog on blogger or WordPress and placing ads of Google Adsense or some other advertising networks. The blog is the best thing that helps you to do the practice of writing and if you got a response from the online audience that understands, you are a great writer and nobody will stop you to Earn Money.

The Blog is always a great idea for anyone like me, you, any kind of business etc. You can promote things online by blog. And If you have social media presence then you can make money by writing.

Use of Social Media

Those who know how to use Social media can grow up their business fastly with good profit. These days. Social media have lots of power if you know how to use it for your business. If you able to increase your social media presence then definitely you will able to Earn Money by Writing. It is because you will contact an online audience and will definitely give you some work.

To Create strong social media presence, you must create wonderful content and other stuff related to your work which attracts other users.

Earning is not so easy but it is also not hard if you do the right work in right way.”


Freelancing is one of the awesome ways to keep your pocket hot. Might be you are full-time writer/blogger etc or might be not, but it can be very helpful to you if you also work as a freelancer.

And the best thing while doing Freelancing Job is not to worry about timing and place, you can work from your home at your suitable time. isn’t so great? Of cause it is.

In Job, your boss builds presser to do your job but in Freelancing, you will have all power to do your work. You might be not happy with your salary but in Freelancing, you charge for every work. This will help you to Earn Money.


First Rule of Sell something, you can sell something when you show the product and give a demo. Same here if you want to sell your content then you need to show your work to your audience by creating samples of your niche topics.

When potential customers will show your work then definitely they will try to get touch with your which help you to Earn Money by Writing and it also promotes your work.

And there are many more ways to Make Money as Writer but these above are good ways. If you make the blog then it will give you money. I hope this post will help you and also please suggest me if you know any other way.

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