What Is Link Building in SEO and Why Is It Important?

Hi Guys! I Am Righting this Awesome post Related to What Is Link Building in SEO and Why Is It Important? Hope This will help you alot to understand about backlinks in SEO.

If you Don’t Know what is Link Building then Go to What is link Building and you will understand.

Why Link Building Is Very Effective

what is link building in seo

After Understand What Is Link Building in SEO now the Question arise Why Link Building Is Very Effective.

Let me Give you an example, When Teacher want to select Class monitor then what process He/she follows? Votes of other Students. and the person who got Higher Votes get monitorship. Here is also All Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing count links as votes. So the Greater the number of backlinks, you will get higher the ranking.

Now Understand What is SEO Link Building

what is link building in seo

Many of SEO Adviser tell different definition of SEO Link Building in SEO, So I made some simple definition, SEO Link Building is the method of building hight quality, relevant links to your website which give good rank to our website and adhere to Google’s Quality guidelines by which google give rank to website.

Types Of Links

Let me explain you these things in details.

=> What is Internal Linking? 

As you can  understand by the name ‘Internal Linking’, Internal linking is method to links different pages or posts to different pages and posts of same website.

Importance:- Internal links shows  signal to search engines about the importance of that page or posts.

=> What is Outbound Linking?

Outbound linking or external links is method to links your website pages or posts to different website pages and posts.

Importance:- Outbound links can add value to your site by providing useful information to your users and also help to grow ranking in search engines.

=> What Is Nofollow link or Nofollow Backlink?

Nofollow links Give no profit in Search Engines Because nofollow instruct search engines bots that a link should not effect the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. So If you have many nofollow outbound link for your website then sorry to say It’ll not help you to grow your rank. Try to Get Dofollow link

=> What is Dofollow link?

Dofollow links allow all search engines to follow them and reach the website. It also help you get rank in all search engines.

How to make Backlinks and what are the Techniques
  • By Directory Link Building Method
  • By Comment Link Building Method
  • By Forum Link Building Method
  • By Social Bookmarking method
  • By Guest Posting Method
  • By Article Marketing Method
  • BY Infographic Submission.

So I Will Explain you These method in my next post. You can read it on What are the Techniques to make Backlinks – How to Build Backlinks

I hope you understand what is link building in SEO and why it’s important. Thanks for your time.


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