6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic For Free

How to Increase Website Traffic? – Way to Increase Your Website Traffic

Hi Guys!! Welcome to BSA. Today I want to talk about How to Increase website traffic and tell you about Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic.

Creating an good website is not the final thing. It is only the Half work done.

Why We create Website? To sell products, To tell peoples about some information, etc. But When people don’t know about your website then your website is worthless.

But To start getting good effect/reaction/results from your website, then you need to make sure that more and more people know about it, and visit it daily. but How to do this. How to Increase website traffic?


I’m Giving you Some very smart Ideas to Increase website traffic as well as Rank in google.

1=> Good and rich Content on Website

Content is king in SEO. Content play the major role in Website raking in search engine as well as traffic. So Always use your own content in your own language and do not copy paste it from other website. Copied Content will not help you to get traffic or ranking.

website content

  • Always make Eye catchy Headline, Because Headline is the first thing that a user saw. If your headline is not good then user will not read your content.
  • We your write your content then think like a user, Users always find that type of content which simplifies things and explains in easy way. So Do Not use so hard words in your content.
  • Try to use Picture and Videos in your content. Users easily learn from picture and videos. So try to put images and video to let user understand things easily. and images and videos help a website to become interesting.
  • Interesting Content and Topics.

And these are the some Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic. More to Come.


  1. Great, I am really thankful for this post… Now I got what i was missing in my SEO. I hope these 6 ways will help me to increase website traffic.


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