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Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well in your SEO world. Today We are going to discuss on Image Optimization Tool for Optimize images for website. I already Discuss some seo tips for beginners and talked on Image Optimization already. Nevertheless today again i’ll again tell you some important points on optimize images for website and tell you about some Image Optimization Tool and i’ll tell you about online image optimizer.

Image Optimization Tool

As you know, Optimize images for website is also a part of SEO. If you use optimize images on website then your website loading time will be good. I mean images will load faster on users screen so user engagement will improve and it’ll decrease the bounce rate.

Google also give importance to those websites/blogs which well optimize because it give good users experience.

Images play the important part on website loading time. If you use Heavy or unoptimized images on your website then it’ll take time to load on users screen and today’s users don’t wait. You Know what they will do? I know, They will just close your website and move to another website. And Users remembered those things which make them frustrated and they will never visit your website again. Do you want that? I Hope No!

So Today i’ll give you some information about Some Image Optimization Tool by which you can optimize your images or Compress Image. Also inform you about online image optimizer websites so you can use optimize images for website or Compress Image.

So Here are Image Optimizer/Image Optimization Tool to optimize images for website.

1#. Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best Pictures editing software. Little knowledge of Photoshop can help you to optimize images for website. This image Optimization Tool is used by 90% of users to edit images. Even You can Learn Adobe Photoshop online or see videos on youtube and learn how to Compress Image. and you can use Compress Image on your website. Beginners can use this image optimization tool.

Remember to use “Save for the web” feature in PS for better optimization of images.

2#. Online Image Optimizer

Online Image Optimizer is an online website which help users to Compress Images. What you need to do is just put image URL or upload image directly. You can choose the option of ‘convert to’ in which you want to save your final Compress Image. If you use this website then you don’t need to download any software. But you need internet connection.

So this is how you can use this online image optimizer tool.

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3#. WP Smush

I Personally recommended this option. WP Smush is a wordpress Plugin which Resize, optimize and compress all the images that you use on your wordpress blog. So you don’t need any image optimization tool. Just install it on your blog. This is good image optimization tool.

4#. Web Resizer


Web Resizer is an online image optimization tool which help to compress images online for website. This website is work same as Online Image Optimizer. It just Compress Image and reduce image size.


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