How to Setup WordPress Blog – Set Up Your WordPress Blog

Hi! After my last post How to Create a Website with WordPress, It’s time to understand How to Setup WordPress Blog or website yourself.

How to Setup WordPress Blog

For Beginners and those who don’t know about HTML and coding, you need a platform where you just Write write article and post it, just like as Microsoft word file. And WordPress is the best platform to make website for free.

I already explain you all thing about How to Create a Website with WordPress Step by step Beginners Guide.

But Creating a website with WordPress is not Enough, You need to understand How to Setup WordPress Blog. Because it’s very important that you should know how to write post, how to install theme, plugin and much more.

So today i’ll explain how to How to Setup WordPress Blog and told you which plugin and theme is better for your wordpress website.

So after Install wordpress on your domain, Firstly you must login in your wordpress dashboard because things will start from your dashboard

And If you don’t know how to login then, type following URL in your browser: (replace “yoursite” with your domain).

You will see this page.

How to Setup WordPress Blog

Enter your admin username and password and Click on Login, You Will see your Dashboard like this..

How to Setup WordPress Blog

This is your dashboard is your website control penal where you can do anything on website.

How to install theme in WordPress?

After do this exercise, It’s time to design your blog. WordPress give access to over 2000 free themes. Greate! Now let me tell you how you can change your wordpress theme.

  • Go to Appearance
  • Click on theme.

How to Setup WordPress Blog

The above image show the theme panel where you can install and delete your theme.

Now you just need to follow these following steps given below..

  • You will the Option of Add New theme and the you will see this page.

How to Setup WordPress Blog

  • Now you can search any theme and them take your mouse over the theme and you will see Install option. Just click on it, congratulations! You are done.

IMPORTANT thing to notice: When you change you theme then don’t worry about your data, themes won’t delete your previous posts, pages and content.

This is how you can install Free theme on your blog. But many users will get confused how to install theme that you bought.

As the Above image having option of Upload theme.

  • Click on it. It will ask you to choose your theme (It will be in .zip file) and click on Install now.

How to Setup WordPress Blog

This is how you can install theme in WordPress. Now let’s know to create new pages.


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