How to Create Sitemap for Websites – Make Non blog Website Sitemap

Do You know how to create sitemap for website? No then Today will explain you how to create sitemap for website easily. In Last post I told  you to how to create Sitemap for WordPress website. or Create website sitemap online.

Now I will explain you this thing in 3 easy step for those site who are not created on wordpress…

Generate Sitemap for you website
  • Visit this Sitemap Generate wesbite.
  • Put your website URL and put all setting shown in the image
  • Click on Start. Your Process will start.
  • Click on ‘HERE‘ (As shown in image). Your .xml file will download in your computer.

Congratulations! You Successfully Created your Sitemap.

Add sitemap on your website

Now Just add sitemap on your website and google will save your website database.

This is the simple process to Create Sitemap for Websites.


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