Most Profitable High Paying Google Adsense Niches

High Paying Google Adsense Niches: As in my last post ‘How to Increase Adsense CPC‘, We talk about some factors by which you can increase your CPC. There are many factors which can increase or decrease your Google Adsense CPC like:

  • Niche
  • Countries
  • Placement

And lot more. You can read out in my last post ‘How to Increase Adsense CPC.’ Mainly Niche mean that topic on which you blogging or writing. And Google Adsense pay according to 0.1$ to 50$ for high search niches ads.

high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

So If you want to earn by Adsense then you must done a good research on your keywords and niche. You should make sure that your chosen keywords and niche have high CPC. And for this you can use Keyword Research tools for SEO which shows the CPC of every keyword.

But if you are thinking that, research on high CPC keywords, niche and start earning then guys it’ is not possible. YOu should understand this high CPC Keywords and niche has high competition.

So You need to do hard work and extra classes. Here is the tips to How to Start SEO for New Website.

So Don’t worry, Today I’m sharing high paying google adsense niches by which you can earn alot by google adsense.

You can try google ads alternative.

Top 10 High paying google adsense niches

  1. Health
  2. Make Money Online
  3. Technology
  4. Celebrities
  5. Insurance
  6. How to Blog
  7. Social Media
  8. SEO
  9. Fashion
  10. Relationship

1#. Health

high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

Heath is one of the profitable and highest paying CPC niche. Millions of Peoples search this niche everyday across the world because Everyone one wants to be fit and fine in this world. All Health Companies pay high bid in google adword and google adsense pay high CPC for this. and that’s why it counts in high paying google adsense niches.

The you heard the line, Little knowledge is very harmfull. So make sure you have proper knowledge about this niche.

2#. Make Money Online

Those who use internet and have some knowledge of internet want make money online. And that’s why most searching niche all the times because everyone want money. Very large amount of people and group search tips to earn online.

This niche also give high CPC but you should have proper knowledge.

3#. Technology

Day by day, Technology is improving and new Technologies are coming in markets. Peoples doing promotion online of these Technologies and that’s why this niche give high CPC in Adsense.

4#. Celebrities

Celebrities have large fan following and every fan wants to know about his/her favorite Celebrity information like personal life, latest GOSSIP etc. This niche has large searcher on internet. So It’s good idea to use this niche. That’s why these are count in high paying google adsense niches.

5#. Insurance

high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

Aslike the health, Insurance also most expensive niche in blogging. You can get huge income through this niche but you need to very knowledgeable about this niche. It give very awesome CPC because it has very high competition and very hard to get rank by this niche. People pay high bid to show insurance related website on top. You will not believe, you can get upto 30$ to 35$ per click. Yes! It’s true.

It remember, It is very hard to get rank in search engine by this niche. That why these are high paying google adsense niches.

6#. How to Blog

high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

Blogging becomes the popularly growing area on internet. It’s is because by blogging people are earning by google adsense and other online advertising platform.

If you have proper knowledge about blogging, then you can give tips to blogging and that help you to generate good income.

7#. Social Media
high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

Social Media is a big revolution in human history. Those who are the owners of social media website like facebook, twitter etc are paying good amount to connect people on website.

8#. SEO (search engine optimization)
high paying google adsense niches
Source: Google

SEO is the method to rank in website in search engine with the desire keywords. And you Already know, Internet have billions of websites and every webmaster wants to rank his/her website on first page of search engine.

And people want to do SEO for their website by own, so SEO has wide search on search engine. If you have good knowledge, then you can Start Your Own Blog Today.

So Guys that’s all i need to say on high paying google adsense niches. Any Niche you find good then you can start with. If you want to ask me anything about high paying google adsense niches then ask me in comments.

You can also take some help from Google Adsense Official Blog.

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