Google Speed Update | This Algorithm Will Downgrade Slow Mobile Webs

Hey Guys!! Did You Hear about New Google Algorithm 2018? If No, then let me tell you Recently Google announced New Algorithm which is directly Connected to Mobile Speed. New Algorithm knows as ‘Google Speed Update’.

What is the New Google Speed Update?

Google Speed Update
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The New Google Speed Update 2018 Algorithm Will target those websites which are open slow in mobile. Google said “starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.”

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So Guys, If your website takes time to open in mobile then yes, you need to worry about this because Google said: “This Google Speed Update will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users”. If you want to check your website speed then you can check it on Pingdom, but you can also check on your mobile which is a good idea to check speed.

But Google also Clear that that website who take a long time only have to bother about a downgrade in their rankings for speed. So Let’s see who will get affected by Google Speed Update 2018.

And I think Google is too rude now with us because Google also said that we can measure our website page speed in various ways but Google will not share any specific single metric to know that if out web was hit by this Google Speed Update algorithm update or not. That’s Not Fair. And also news from Google regarding this update is no notification will show in Google Search Console in case if you do get hit by this update because this is an algorithmic thing, not a manual action.

But When Google announced this Google Speed Update, I had several questions in my mind, which got published in this FAQ – But, my biggest confusion and question was around AMP.

Suppose, A page URL is of two type (If you are using AMP), AMP Page URL and Normal Page URL. Then AMP Page is super fast and another page is super slower then AMP. Then Which page will Google use to measure speed? AMP or normal?

Google’s John Mueller said:

I think This Google Speed Update is not so big, These are for those which are super slow when they open. But in past year years, I heard that google also check the speed of the website when it comes to ranking then why this is happening now? But superfast webs and pages won’t able to get any boost in ranking. It just for those who make wait users for a long time.

But I Don’t know How slow exactly? Only Google and Gods know about this Google Speed Update but they won’t say.

Here are some, only selected ones, with the original confusion, it is cleared up now.

Some More is here:

So lots of people starting asking the question as well:

Anyway, Let’s wait and watch what happen but the main thing is AMP for speed that will be what Google uses this algorithm.

Thanks You guys, this is what I know about this Google Speed Update, I hope you like it and will also tell you new updates of Google.


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