Know Everything about Google AdSense Auto Ads

Hey Guys! How are you? Everyone knows what is Google Adsense and most of you are earning well with Google Adsense. So Today we are going to talk about Google AdSense Auto Ads which is the latest update of Google Adsense.

There are many ad programs but truth is that Google Adsense is the best ad program because it’s a user-friendliness, high rates provider, innovation etc. and no other ad programs perform better than this.

Google AdSense Auto Ads was launch on February 21, 2018, for everyone by Google Adsense team which is one of the biggest innovation by Google Adsense team and I’ll share my personal experience with Google AdSense Auto Ads.

But As I know, Most of the AdSense publishers are has the biggest concerns which are how to maintain ad placement, ad optimization, and a great user experience. Google Auto Ads use artificial intelligence for publishers to manage all thing, However, you can still manage somethings in Adsense like Global Settings, Domain-based setting, Directory Settings.

I got mixed Reviews and reactions about Google AdSense Auto Ads. These Auto Ads are good for the new blogger or persons who are new in Adsense and also for those who concern about ad optimization. Blogger just needs to focus on Quality Content. You just need to ad one code on your website and rest will be taken care of by Google Adsense.

Important things about Google AdSense Auto Ads

Maximum Bloggers and webmasters are using Google Adsense, for those Auto Ads will not create any issue. But, It’s very important to make sure that you know all things about Google AdSense Auto Ads before using it.

  • If you wish to Apply Auto Ads on your website and you have already inserted AdSense ads then either you can Remove manually or Google AdSense Auto Ads detect them automatically and display them accordingly.
  •  Auto Ads Content all Google ads like Anchor, Vignette ads, Text, display ads, In-feed and Matched content ads. So you just need to put one and everything will be managed by Google.

How to Enable Google AdSense Auto Ads?

Here is the full process to Enable Google AdSense Auto Ads on your website.

Google AdSense Auto Ads

  • Click on Setup Auto Ads
  • Now configure Global settings of Adsense.

Google AdSense Auto Ads

  • Enable these all formats and save it.
  • Now Copy and paste this code in between the <head> tags of your site. All Done.

You can also check the Google Auto ads performance from the Statistics.

Google AdSense Auto Ads

Overall I got Mixed reaction and reviews from my friends and users on Google AdSense Auto Ads.

So Guys, what you think on Google AdSense Auto Ads, tell me in comments.


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