Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger – Alternatives to Google Adsense

Hay! Are you Finding Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger? But As we all know that Google Adsense is one of the best and largest advertising group and currently the market leader in Online Advertising Industry. It’s not easy to get Approval from Google adsense.

Every Blogger Have dream to Have Google Adsense Account but Google have some hell strict guidelines to give approval for google adsense and those blog does not able to follow google Adsense Guidelines and policy not able to get approval for google adsense.

Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger

But It’s not end yet, Suppose you get approval for google adsense then you need to be very careful because google have some Guidelines by which if any invalid happen with you account then google have all rights to suspend your google adsense Account for invalid traffic or policy reasons. And the saddest Part is, you will not get any single penny of last month or current month in which your adsense disabled.

So Guys Don’t worry, It’s not end of this. Those Bloggers who have been denied Approval of a Google Adsense account or has been banned due to some reasons,  I’m sharing Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger. I know these will not give you same revenue like Google adsense but it’ll help for sure. Or If you want to Run some more advertisement with google adsense then Yes go ahead.

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So Here are some Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger you can try:

#1. Luminate

Luminate is also Know as Pixazza Inc. and it was founded back in 2008. It Currently serves more than 150 million users per month and 30 billion page views per year. It’s a Huge Amount but not more then Adsense.

The minimum payout is $10 and you can receive your earning by Luminate in PayPal account or via Standard Cheque.

#2. adBrite

The minimum payout is $100 as like google adsense which can be received via Standard Cheque.

#3. MGID

MGID is also one of the famous advertising network. It was founded in 2004. It is also an best Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogger.

MInimum Pay is $100 and you can get your income vie direct bank transfer, Paypal etc.

#4. Chitika

Chitika Was Founded in back 2003. The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account

#5. Infolinks

The minimum payout is $50 which you can received in paypal account or $400 which can be received via BankWire.

I hope these Google Adsense Alternatives will help you to earn money from your blog and keep trying to have google adsense. Try to follow all google adsense policies.

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