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Hi Guys! Backlinks are very important to get rank in search engines. If you don’t know the Techniques to Make Backlinks then you must Know the Techniques to Make Backlinks otherwise you don’t exist in SEO world. So Today I’m sharing Best backlink checker tools that Check Site Backlinks, But before that. Let’s understand something.

Best backlink checker tools
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As you know, Google give rank higher on the basis of backlinks that your blog have but google have some algorithm and after  2015-16, google see how many QUALITY BACKLINKS your blog have. On the Basis of QUALITY BACKLINKS google give you rank. If you don’t have Quality and relevant backlinks to your blog then my friend, forget the ranking.

After Google’s Penguin algorithm update, Google Killed all the private blog networks and not count low-quality backlinks. So In this post, I’ll share some Best backlink checker tools that Check Site Backlinks. Some are free backlink checker and some are paid. So you can check your blog backlinks and competitor backlinks, so that you can work on it.

Let’s Understand Why we need backlink checker tools:

First Let me tell you what is backlink? When any website put your blog url on it’s any page or post then you will get Backlink. and Backlinks are the main part of SEO to get higher rank in search engine. Higher the Backlinks, higher the search ranking but Make sure you have Quality backlinks, not having Quantity backlinks. because google know what is essential now.

This is not end here. Backlinks are also divided into two parts:

  1. Do-follow backlinks
  2. No-follow backlinks

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If you got do-follow backlinks to your blog, that will be very grateful. Nobody will stop your blog to came in ranking.

but what will tell you that how much do-follow and no-follow backlinks to your blog have? My Answer is simple, You can use some Best backlink checker tools that Check Site Backlinks and tell you which are do-follow backlinks and which are not.

Searching Backlink Checker Tools to Check Site Backlinks?

So below online tools are the best backlink checker tools that check site backlinks.


backlink checker tools
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SEMRUSH is one of the best backlink checker tools. I’m not using personally using it but i have seen my friends talking about it. The Feedback is good.

But As i mentioned above, some backlink checker tools are free and some are paid. And SEMRUSH is paid backlink finder. If you have deep pockets then go for it.

It also offers you trial. As you can see i checked one blog and see how much backlinks he has. So the result was 57% follow link and 43% nofollow backlinks and you can also see the website on which backlink was created.

So overall it is a good backlink finder. Go for it.

2#. AHrefs: Backlink Checker Tools

backlink checker tools

AHrefs also one of the great best backlink checker tool to check site backlinks. But it’s a paid tool. But also offers free trial so that you can use that first to try.

And time to time you can see how your links are increasing and decreasing.

3#. OpenLinkProfiler

backlink checker tools

Those Bloggers who can not afford above backlink checker tools, They can use OpenLinkProfiler, Because it’s FREE. Yes it’s an new free backlink checker tool which provide all information about your backlinks. Which website gives no-follow and do-follow, you will get all information.

If your are a beginner then you can try this free and best backlink checker to check site backlinks.

4#. BuzzSumo

backlink checker tools
Source: BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo have free and paid services to check site backlinks. But all features you will not get in free service like If you use paid service then you can check all backlinks to your website and you can export them in .csv or .XLS formats.

So Guys, If you want to be an expert in blogging then you must know about these backlink checker tools. By using these Paid and free backlink checker, you can able to monitor your backlinks.

I hope these backlink finder tools will help you. Let me know, what backlink checker tools or SEO Tools you are using to check site backlinks in comments.


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