How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger

Hey Guys! Are you facing Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger? Don’t worry, it’s a common error which faced by most of the bloggers but Never ignores these 404 errors because these errors can harm your blog in many ways like traffic, Ranking etc. So In this post, i’ll tell you how to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found.

It’s a common error because of some of the newbies in blogging post some information and google cache that information in the database. and then that blogger delete the post for some reason then google show 404 error and that can affect your traffic because the visitors who visit your blog by that page will see 404 error page and this irritate the users. and 95% of users will immediately close your website or blog. Maybe they will visit again, but most of them wish to not to visit your blog.

What is 404 Error?

We will Understand How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger Latter. Before that, i’ll tell you what is 404 Error?

After post any Content on the blog, Sometimes We need to delete that post but earlier as I said, Google Caches all Content, so after deleting that post it remains in search engines and whoever visit on that link will see 404 error. and that can be fixed by custom redirects.

And Also 404 Error comes when we change the URL of any post. So We need to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found Issue.

Will 404 Error affect SEO?

If we talking about blogging then Every Wrong thing affect SEO but if you have less traffic on your blog then maybe it’ll not affect your SEO pretty much. But You must know how to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found because if you have good traffic on the blog then it’ll be like a very bad nightmare for you. You will lose your ranking as well as you will lose trust and revenue of blog.

But I’ll advise you that If you are getting 404 Error then you must Fix Error 404 Page Not Found ASAP.

Will 404 Error Affect Google Adsense?

Oh Yes! Google Adsense has a policy which is if you any 4040 error page showing ads of Adsense then it’s not good for you and your Adsense. Google has all rights to ban your account.

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How to Check Error 404 Not Found?

It’s not hard to find Error 404 on your blog, but for new bloggers or webmaster, it’s a challenging task. To Find out Error 404 Not Found, follow the steps

Fix Error 404 Page Not Found

Here you will see your all error like Server Error, Soft 404, Access Denied and Not Found (Error 404).

How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger?

So Below are the steps to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found, follow them.

Fix Error 404 Page Not Found

  • Visit your Blogger Dashboard
  • Then click on Settings > Search Preferences > Custom Redirects

Fix Error 404 Page Not Found

  • Click on Custom Redirects Edit Button.
  • Now you need to add Page which showing Error 404 in ‘From’ Section.
  • Add New post URL in the ‘To’ section on which you want Redirect.
  • Now you need to decide that you want to redirect it Permanently or for some time only. If Permanently then click on the box side to Permanent and if no then ignore it.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Fix Error 404 Page Not Found

Congratulations! Redirect successfully done.

So This is how you can Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger. And Please Let me know in comments if you face any issue.

That’s it from this post and I hope now you know How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on Blogger.


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