How to Find lost Smartphone Location

Find lost Smartphone Location

Find lost Smartphone Location: Hey guys! In the busy and modern life, there are so many important elements and Smartphones are one of them. Do You Have Smartphone? Of Course Yes, And Smartphones are so important in daily life these days. This is a kind of revolution in mankind and these days one of the most important devices you can use to help with your life is a smartphone or mobile phone.

But What Happen you are going somewhere or coming from somewhere and your smartphone gets lost/stolen?

Let me share an incident with you with, I was coming from the office and at that time I don’t have any vehicle. So I used to come by bus and my phone was stolen. OMG! I realized it when I was deboarding the bus.

Find lost Smartphone Location

That time, I don’t know how to How to Find lost Smartphone Location or how to trace Smartphone Location Online but don’t you worry if you don’t know how to trace Smartphone then today I’ll teach you.

Here are the steps to Find lost Smartphone Location

  • If your smartphone gets stolen or lost somewhere then firstly you need to go to the Find My Device website. And For this step, Just open this below URL in your Computer.

Click on Find My Device

You Will See below Window.

Find lost Smartphone Location

  • Now, Sign in the Gmail that you have used in your lost smartphone. After Logged in, The website will show your smartphone name on the left side, Click on that and Google will try to find your smartphone location immediately.

Find lost Smartphone Location

  • As soon as your Android smartphone’s location tracked by Google, you will know that where your smartphone is and on what location. However, if the internet or the email Id is not being used in that smartphone it may be difficult to find it.

But If it is connected with the Wifi then you will get the wifi name also and you will get to know how much battery is left in the phone.

  • If you able you get the location of your smartphone then you can lock your device with the password if you want to do so.

And For this click on the Secure & Erase Device. Now Click on Secure Device and enter the password, Boom, Your Device is looked.

Find lost Smartphone Location

Apart from this, you can also delete all the data on your smartphone saved with the option of Erase Device below.

But I Suggest you to first do F.I.R and then make this process live.

Find lost Smartphone Location

I Hope you guys understand this process. and yes I would like to advise you that always turn on your phone location from the settings so that you can find your phone or Find lost Smartphone Location. If you have any doubt then please comment down below, i’ll try to answer your query.


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