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Hey Guys!! Do You know facebook? lol, Of course, you all know about it and because it’s a social media website and  Social Media Sites for Business are very important. But, Some People use social media wrong. For that, Facebook Continues work on it to make it safe and recently facebook bang with a Demoting Engagement Bait update. So We will Discuss Demoting Engagement Bait Update so that you can save your facebook pages.

What is Demoting Engagement Bait Update?

Demoting Engagement Bait Update

Demoting Engagement Bait Update is against those posts and pages which engage Facebook users towards in spammy posts. For example, say in the caption, “Like or Share this post if you did this before” etc.  And other like tagging, sharing, posting a specific word or sharing with friends.

I have seen many posts on Facebook asking to share, like, comment etc on post because of high Reach and post engagements. Now facebook taking action of this after this update. This thing will consider in Spam Because this thing is to make a post or page rank higher in Facebook users news feeds.

Demoting Engagement Bait

The purpose of this Update is not to Bother anyone. The main purpose of Demoting Engagement Bait update is to promote more meaningful and authentic conversations on Facebook which is important.

You can see the Affect of this update from coming a week and allow Facebook page admins some time to update their posting schedules to avoid inadvertently engaging.

Will Ordinary Users also the Target?

According to Facebook:

Posts that ask people for help, advice, or recommendations, such as circulating a missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel tips, will not be adversely impacted by this update.

Kinds of Posts that will Be Demoted

This Update is really a bad nightmare for those who’s pages was running on Voting only. Demoting Engagement Bait Update will be on:

  • Vote Bait
  • React Baiting
  • Share Baiting
  • Tag Baiting
  • Comment Baiting

Now you can not ask your facebook page audience to like, share, tag etc. Now let me tell you about Engagement Bait?

What is Engagement Bait?

I think now you understand about facebook Demoting Engagement Bait update. Now, it’s time to inform you about Engagement Bait.

Vote Baiting:

Vote baiting is to ask your facebook page users to vote by comparing two things in the manner of likes reaction, comments, shares etc. This is really working trick to engage with a post.

React Baiting:

You have seen many posts on facebook which ask you to react to the particular post. So that engagement increase.

Share Baiting:

Sometimes Page admin ask you to share post saying ‘Facebook will donate some amount for treatment of someone who is in the picture or will ask you tag your friends and like it.’

This is also a trick to increase likes on facebook page and engagement.

Tag Baiting:

As Like other Baiting, Admin will ask you to tag your friends in relation to a post. Like Meme or any video.

Comment Baiting:

This is also the same. In this baiting, they ask to do Comment with a specific phrase, word, numbers or emoji.

How Demoting Engagement Bait Works?

If someone wants to lunch any product then they collect data from the market or do survey. and then reached some conclusion. So this situation is also not the different one, Facebook already worked on it and collect thousands of examples of engagement baiting posts and pages and now making algorithm and give tanning basic on those examples to detect the different versions of engagement bait.

So, Guys, this is it from Facebook Demoting Engagement Bait update, hope you understand the all information. Please do share with your friends so that they will also know about Facebook Demoting Engagement Bait update.

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