How to Earn Money online With Website – How I earned 22000$ in a Month?

After the Revolution of Internet, People wants to Earn money online and Internet world give lots of opportunities to Earn Money online. On Internet, you can earn money by various method like selling products online, Give your services online and even these days people offering online teaching on Internet. But Today Will Tell you How to Earn Money online With Website.

If you want to earn money online then you can start a blog or website and then you can earn money monetizing it by various advertising networks like adsense etc.

What you think, why people make blogs or website? The main and end goal to create a website is to earn money online by placing advertisements on blog/website and provide information to online users. and why i’m telling you this? because I had also earned 22000$ in a month.

How to Earn Money online?

Adsense is the best advertising networks for Earn Money online. What you need to do is just place ads on your website and whenever someone click on Ads, Google pay you for it. You can learn More How to Earn with Google adsense?

But It’s not easy to earn money online with website. You can make website on wordpress easily but you need to have proper knowledge of Promotion and keywords. and SEO and help you to promote your website and to get traffic. If you don’t know then you can earn on my blog.

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Everyone wants to Earn Money online with website but web is so competitive and you have to do very hard work to give competition to your competitors.

Just making a website and putting ads is not the end, you should have huge number of visitors to your website who visit your website so that you can get ads clicks.

Also Remember you should have good quality content so that users visit on your website.

Learn How to Write SEO Rich Content For Your Blog

Earn Money online With Website

What is the Process to Make a Website?

I already shared post regarding Process to Make a Website and explain step by step process to make a website and also shared to How to Setup WordPress Blog. But Still I’m sharing Process to Make a Website by which you can earn money online.

Step 1. Buy Domain Name

Domain is important to start a website. So You need to Buy a domain name for your website. You can buy domain from godaddy, bigrock etc.

Step 2. Hosting

Now You need space to host your website. It’s like home for your website. As like you live in your home. So you need to buy hosting for your website. If you are a beginner then don’t buy too much expansive hosting. Just buy Cheap hosting and start and host your domain it.

Visit to find Cheap WordPress Hosting Sites.

Step 3. Website design

After Host your domain, You need to design your website which should be responsive, light in size and attractive. I will suggest, You should choose or design your website temple according to your niche or articles.

You can use WordPress to make website which has thousands of different themes according to topics.

Step 4. Content

Content is the king in SEO. you should right content which must be unique, meaningful. Do not copy content from any website because sites with copied content not get approval from adsense and to earn money online, you need to get adsense approval. if we talk about in SEO, Copied content website don’t get higher rank in search engine.

Try to write content in your own language. Site with Unique and useful content get adsense approval fast and it also help you to rank higher.

Step 5. Optimization

Optimization is very important if you want your website rank higher in search engine. And You can do with SEO (search engine optimization).

You can learn SEO Steps For New Website.

Remember guys, If you have traffic on your website then you can able to earn money online with website

How to Generate Revenue through a Website

I have seen many blog and blog owners who are earning money online $500 per month to 50000$ per month and even more. and Yes you can also do it if you have great traffic on your website. My highest earning is 22000$ in a month from Adsense. Don’t believe, here is the Adsense earning Proof.

Many things can help you to earn money online like

  • Promote Products as Affiliate
  • Sell Advertising Space on your blog.
  • Selling your Services
  • Review Products as an Affiliate
  • Offer Membership Site to your readers.
  • Offer Live Training

and many more things that can help you to earn online.

But In Starting, you can start Earning with Google adsense. What you need to do is, Complete your website first. then setup your blog then starting putting content.

As i mentioned above, Content must be unique and meaningful. After that you can able to signup for google adsense.

It’s not easy to get approval but in my last post i already explained What is the Fast Google Adsense Approval Process 2017, so follow the steps and surely you will get adsense approval.

So Guys this is how Earn Money online with website. But you need to struggle somewhere for earning online. It sound very easy to earn online but it’s not true. In Online Earning, Sometime you will get profit and some time you will get loose but you need to stay strong and confident.

You can read my post ‘Some Great Reasons to Start Your Own Blog Today‘ which might help you more. and Earning is not easy in online, even in offline too, so there are some Rules to Follow Before You Start Earning from Blog.

That’s it from my post “How to Earn Money online With Website” and I hope you this post help you to Earn Money online. If you face any issue them comment down and let me know what method you are using to Earn Money online with website so that everybody know about it.



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