A Beginner’s Guide of Amazon Affiliate Program

How to earn with Amazon Affiliate Program?

Hay Guys! how are you? In my last post I told you how to Earn With Adsense and i hope many of you learned it. But Today i am sharing another post to Earn money. But this time not with Adsense. In this post i’ll tell you how to earn with Amazon Affiliate Program? and Tell you how to start affiliate marketing with amazon.

amazon affiliate program

As you know amazon is the one of the biggest marketplaces where people buy sell products. But to increase more sell, amazon started affiliate Program in which many website/bloggers, and big companies use Amazon to sell their products.

How Much I can earn With amazon affiliate program?

Amazon affiliate program offers up to 15% commission of the sale amount. It’s depend what kind of products you are selling. If you really want earn money then you can start affiliate marketing with amazon.

For example, You have a tech blog, then you can write review and tell specification of mobile and other gadgets and also leave amazon affiliate link. If any sell comes from your link, then you will get good money.

Guys! Nobody can earn crores in minutes, But you can do hard work to earn money with amazon affiliate program.

Now It’s time to tell you the way to Sign up for Amazon Affiliate program.

How to sign up for amazon affiliate program?

Your location is very important to sign up for affiliate marketing amazon. For example, you are living in USA, then you can use this amazon affiliate link for signup.

But If you live in india then Click on the same link above. Then follow the below steps. You can change for any country by this process.

  • Click on amazon affiliate link. This link is for USA. you can see flag of USA. But see on arrow near the flag, click on it.
Amazon Affiliate Program
Source: amazon
  • Now select your country.
 amazon affiliate links
Source: amazon

If you want to promote products all landform of Amazon then you need to sign up for each country.

For Signup, You need to fill information like:

  • Your Account Information
  • Website and Mobile App List
  • Profile
  • And then Start Using Associates Central.
Amazon Affiliate Program
Source: Google

Start make money on amazon by affiliate marketing amazon

After complete all signup steps, just create banners, or widgets for your blog/Application and place them on your blog or Application.

You can choose different type of links according to your niche. For example, If you have blog of gadget review then you can choose gadgets links which help you to earn more. obviously If you have gadget  blog then your users are love to see new and offers on gadgets.

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So Guys! What you are waiting for? Just Signup and start making money on amazon with amazon affiliate program.

Let me tell you, You can use amazon affiliate with Google adsense with other ad network. because Users had fear to lose google adsense account. So Guys By using affiliate marketing amazon then you no Google adsense policy will break.

If you face any issue while signup then tell me in comments and also tell me the experience with amazon affiliate. So start affiliate marketing with amazon.


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