Common WordPress Mistakes by Beginners – Blogger Basics for Beginners

Hay Guys! We are humans and humans makes mistakes. This is common thing which we do in our personal life and in professional life. By doing mistakes we learn new and interesting things. And If you talk about wordpress, from all of us, no one is perfect and we do lots of mistakes while blogging or creating wordpress blog and we learn new thing from that mistakes, But it is must to correct our mistakes on time. So today i’ll let you know some Common WordPress Mistakes by Beginners which you should make it correct to improve your SEO.

Common WordPress Mistakes

Common WordPress Mistakes by Beginners

When you comes to blogging & SEO field then you need to learn lots of things and you do mistakes. So below are some Common WordPress Mistakes by Beginners which you can learn for more improvement on your website. These are Blogger Basics for Beginners.

1#. Selection of Wrong Platform

WordPress is one of the very famous CMS program. WordPress offers two type of Platform to build blog which are:

  1. Hosted Platform.
  2. Self-hosted Platform.

Hosted Platform is free and it is provided by It’s like Blogger Platform from google. when you build blog on free Platform of WordPress then it shows URL like

And Self-hosted Platform is paid and available at all Web Hosting websites. Now Self-hosted Platform is used by maximum bloggers. Those who want to play for long time in blogging and SEO Field then go for Self-hosted Platform. It’s very easy to made website on wordpress. Here is the Process to build website on WordPress. Also Self-hosted Platform have more advantage then Hosted one.

So That’s why i’ll suggest you to build blog on Self-hosted Platform and play for long time. Also Know How to Get Success With Your Blog? Now it’s depend on you, what platform you choose. So this is one of the most Common WordPress Mistakes that you should know.

2#. Permalink Structure

When you install WordPress then the permalink Structure come default include Day and name like or some newcomers choose etc and this is wrong. Do not use these type of your pages and posts. This cause negative impact on your search engine ranking.

If you use Permalink Structure like i’m using which is domain name and then post name in UTR, it help me to boost my SEO because i can use my main keyword in Permalink. These are very important Common WordPress Mistakes that you should avoid.

Common WordPress Mistakes

3#. Admin login

As you know wordpress is the best and popular open-source content management system which is very user friendly and most of the bloggers are using blog on wordpress. It’s so Popular that why it is also attack by hackers. So you need to prevent your wordpress blog because hacker usually hack your wordpress blog from your wordpress admin page.

There are many plugins by which you can change your wordpress login page URL which help you to prevent your wordpress blog.

4#. Use of unnecessary or Nulled Plugin

Plugins are very important for wordpress blog because plugins make our work easier but do not use too many plugins on blog because it slow down the blog and also create security issues as well. As i already explained many things in How to Speed Up WordPress Site, you can learn from that post.

So I Suggest you to not to use unnecessary or Nulled Plugin on blog. And Visit how to know more How to Secure WordPress Website?

5#. No Data Backups

This is one of the common mistake that usually bloggers do or forget to perform this action. So make sure to create backup of your blog because problem can occur at any time we don’t know.

You for this, you can contact your server provider to create backup on daily basis or you can use plugin like BackWPup, UpdraftPlus, BackUpWordPress to do so.

If someone attack on your website and inject virus in that then you can use your backup Whenever you need. This Don’t ignore these Common WordPress Mistakes.

6#. Not Updating WordPress, Plugins and themes

So This is of last point in Common WordPress Mistakes. Developer of Wordpress, Plugins and themes are always try to improve features and security and release newest versions that shows in your wordpress dashboard to update. But some of new bloggers ignore to update. So guys, let me one thing. Plugins and themes are come with updated version because of improved security and features. Developer of Plugins and themes that you are using found some security issues that’s why they make it right. If you do not update latest version of Wordpress, Plugins and themes then your blog can easily attacked by any hacker.

So I’ll suggest you to update your Wordpress, Plugins and themes whenever you received updation notification.

So Guys These were some Common WordPress Mistakes which help you to make your blog better than others. If you really work on these Common WordPress Mistakes then you will get success with your blog.

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