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Hey Guys!! Are you think of making WordPress Website or thinking to renovate your current WordPress website? Then Apply Right theme for your new website is very crucial. But the main problem is, there are thousands of WordPress themes and we cannot apply every apply every theme to check out. So, In this post, I’ll tell you how to Choose Best WordPress Theme and Get WordPress Themes for your blog from ThemeForest which is the largest place to Choose Best WordPress Theme.

I’ll share 6 Important points with your which let you know that How to Choose Best WordPress Theme.

How to Choose Best WordPress Theme?

Here are some Tips to Choose Best WordPress Theme from ThemeForest, so that you can become a successful blogger.

1#. Use Search Filters

When I am writing this post, I checked the ThemeForest website and found 11,116 themes for WordPress, Great!

Choose Best WordPress Theme

You know what that means? That means Finding Best WordPress Theme is like finding a pin from the huge grass. If you don’t use Search Filters then you need to look to all 11000+ theme to Search Filters to Choose Best WordPress Theme. So filters are recommended to Get WordPress Themes.

Here is how to Do that.

Select WordPress Category then you’ll have all WordPress themes, and you can use a filter like a tag and another thing to find out the best theme for your blog. Or you can use by Theme category like Corporate, blog magazine etc.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

This does not end here, after figuring out some Best WordPress Theme then big tasks remain to find out the best design for your blog. That you need to check manually.

2#. Theme’s Review Rating

Now, these days review rating system is in boom where other buyers can judge a product how good it is. And ThemeForest has also Review Rating system which allows certified buyers to give review Rating and on that basis, you can judge theme quality.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

But also Rememberer to see the number of ratings, not actual rating. For Example, You visit a theme and that have 5 starts. Awesome? Maybe if that theme has more then 100+ rating by the users. Maybe 5 starts are showing only because of it is rated by only 2-3 users.

When you Select any theme, you can see Live Preview of that theme before buying it.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

3#. Read The Comments For More details

You can Quick Judge any theme by theme’s rating but what is better than comments. Rating is the number also but Comments tells you the real thing about the theme.

Comments on the themes are from those people who are already using that theme or want to use that theme and need some clarification. And developer also gives a response to people who ask a question in comments.

Here you can see all comments on that theme.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

Here you can see comments

Choose Best WordPress Theme

You can see comments from users and also from those users who already purchased the theme which will give the thought about the theme.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

4#. See the sells of the Theme

When You want to buy something or Confused about something then you take some advice from other peoples or depends on the wisdom of the crowd. Here is also the same situation, If thousands of people are making purchasing of any particular theme then it’s a really pretty good indicator that the theme is at least decent.

ThemeForest always makes sales data publicly, so it can show how popular theme is. The Sale box on the right side.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

This is another way to Choose Best WordPress Theme.

5#. Updation of Theme

WordPress Always make chance his core. Then your theme must be updated with core updated. And If your theme doesn’t get any updates then it’s a huge problem, you open yourself and blog for usability and/or security problems.

So, It is essential to make sure that the theme you are buying is getting more regular updates. And you can know this from here,

Choose Best WordPress Theme

The last update will tell you that when the developer of a theme updates the theme. So, This is how you can Choose Best WordPress Theme.

Learn More:

6#. Check Theme’s Demo Site

If you want to Choose Best WordPress Theme you should you check the theme demo. Just don’t buy the theme on the basis of there design, you should also check the function of the theme.

Choose Best WordPress Theme

Most of the theme developer incorporate many sample pages and post that you can access via menu drop-downs.

After check all theme function and still you love that theme then don’t wait, go for it. Click on buy now button. This is how you can Choose Best WordPress Theme from ThemeForest.

Final Words

So, Guys, That’s it for Choose Best WordPress Theme post, I hope if you follow these steps, then surely you will get a relevant theme that matches your niche.

So, If you have any other tips to Choose Best WordPress Theme then do share with us in comments.


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