Best Google Adsense Ads Placement Guide | Google Adsense HeatMap 2018

Hey Guys!! How are you? After a Long time, I am writing this post and really sorry I was really busy with other works. So Today We are going to talk about Best Google Adsense Ads Placement so that you can Increase your Adsense earning.

You know, Whenever we talk to Increase RPM and CPC of Adsense then we commonly heard a word ‘AdSense Heatmap’. So I’ll tell you both Best Google Adsense Ads Placement and about heatmap so that you can increase your earning.

What is Heatmap and what’s the benefits?

If you want to Increase your Adsense CTR then Heatmap can help you to do that. Let’s understand what is heatmap?

Heatmap is a type of visual representation which tells you that where your users/visitors are clicking on the website and where they are interacting. This will help you in two ways, which are:

  • You can design your website layout to increase your Adsense CTR.
  • You can decide to place your Google Adsense code to get more impression and clicks.

You can see the heatmap of a blog which is showing that where users interact and clicking.

Source: campaignmonitor

So, today in this post we will talk about Google Adsense Heatmap by which you can decide Best Google Adsense Ads Placement to get High RPM and CPC.

Guide to Best Google Adsense Ads Placement

You know, Google Adsense is the best high paying and popular ad networks for all bloggers and publishers. And to get High RPM and CPC from Google Adsense it’s very hard. You need to Focus on various factories to get the best of Google Adsense & Ads Placement is one of them.

First of all, Ads Placement is very Tricky for all users, especially for new users, and if you get to do Best Google Adsense Ads Placement then your Google Adsense income will get double for sure and also your blog will high traffic then usually do because visitor will not annoy anymore from ads.

But to do this, you need to use your brain little bit in a smart way. because anyone can place ads on the website but what’s important is Best Google Adsense Ads Placement. But Before that, You must know these things:

  • Your Visitors Don’t feel annoyed by your ads placement.
  • You must know that what’s important? content or advertisement.

If you think that you are a good writer and write a quality blog post and get huge organic traffic from search engines. And also think that huge organic traffic equal to high income then hang on my friend. Think in another way, If you do Best Google Adsense Ads Placement then you will get more benefits likes

  • Increase in the income.
  • Get High Traffic.
  • Your blog gives quality to users.

So to know what other users know about Best Google Adsense Ads Placement, we visit many discussion forums. And we get the best Guide to Best Google Adsense Ads Placement. First of all check below official Google AdSense placement image which gives you an idea.

Best Google Adsense Ads PlacementBest Google Adsense Ads Placement

Best Google Adsense Ads PlacementBest Google Adsense Ads Placement

And as you can see maximum ads are placed above the fold, below the fold, sidebar which give high impressions.

Below is the Offical Adsense heatmap of which there are many colors. And in this heatmap, Orange color show the strongest or you can say maximum clicks on the website is showing, yellow color showing week place where users don’t click too much. The summary is, dark color has the great clicking area whereas week color showing less clicking activities.

Best Google Adsense Ads Placement

Here are some more Best Google Adsense Ads Placement 2018 so that you can able to get good RPM and CTR:

  • Placing your Ad top of the article will help you to get good CTR (Click-Through Rate).
  • Using Ad Above the fold.
  • Placing the ad in sidebar gets good impressions.
  • You can also place Ad links units between the content.

But still, I’ll advise you to place google Adsense ads in such manner by which your readers don’t get trouble.

Thank You Guys for reading this post i hope you get your Best Google Adsense Ads Placement. Also If you have any idea then suggest me in comments.


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