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Best Ad Networks: Hay Guys!!! Thousands of bloggers starts blog everyday and the main and end goal of every blogger is to earn money. Many times you’ve readout on many blogs that If you are bloggings just to earn money then do not do blogging. That’s true, but earning money from blog should be the end goal. Because think, why a blogger start a blog and why he/she will write articles and give his/her important time? Why a blogger pay for server and domain from pocket?

Everyone wants to earn money and if you are a blogger then you want to earn money with your blog and nothing is bad in this.

Best Ad Networks

So Today i’m going to share Best Ad Networks For Publishers to monetize your blog. You can also use Google Adsense to monetize your blog/website but their are some webmasters who do not get approval for Adsense so they can use alternative of adsense.

So, This article is for those who didn’t get Adsense Approval and i’ll share best cpm ad network by which you can earn money.

Best Ad Networks

Below are the Ad Networks For Publishers and you can get fast approval from these native ad networks.

1#. PopAds

Best Ad Networks
Source: Google

PopAds is one the of best Ad Networks For Publishers who want to earn money online with website. PopAds ad networks was started back in 2010. And Do you know best thing about this? They accept all type of blog which are not accepted by Adsense like Adult, Movies blog etc. What you need to do is, just signup and do withdrawal option. And you will get automatically whenever you’ll reach minimum payout threshold.

Popads approval is instant.

Best Features of PopAds:

  • Give High CPM
  • No Minimum traffic Requirement
  • Minimum Payout 5$

If you have less traffic or started new blog then you can start with this.

2#. Propellerads

Best Ad Networks
Source: Google

Propellerads was founded back in 2011 and this company also promise to offer high CPM Rates to webmasters. This is also one of the best Ad Networks For Publishers.


  • Minimum Payout is 25$.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Also 5% Referral program

You can easily earn with Propellerads daily.

3#. Revenuehits

Best Ad Networks
Source: Google

Revenuehits is the different ad networks because It does not pay for any anything for clicks or impressions on ads. Confused? Let me tell you, Revenuehits only pay you when any click by user turned into work. For example, If a advertisers need Installation of software and when a user click on the Ad and install software then you will get paid. You will get 10$ to 50$. That’s awesome.


  • Minimum payout is $50
  • Various payment method.

I’m not using this Ad Networks but some of my friend using this and earning 20$ to 100$ daily. This is also count in best ad networks.

4#. Chitika

Best Ad Networks
Source: Google

Chitika was founded in 2003, It is United States Based Company and earlier it was the best AdSense alternative. If you have new blog then you can also start with this ad networks. But Chitika is very hard ad networks because any invalid click will cost  permanently ban. I will not recommended Chitika for you because it’s some time to approve your account.


  • Minimum Payout is 10$ which you can received by Paypal.
  • no minimum traffic requirement

5#. Infolinks

Best Ad Networks
Source: Google

Infolinks is one of the good Ad Networks For Publishers and it is user friendly. The minimum payout of Infolinks is 50$. Infolinks is not popular but still you can make money with it.

So Guys These are the Best Ad Networks For Publishers by which you can make money. And If you are using any other native ad networks then tell me your Best Ad Networks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. But my question is that what is the minimum traffic needed to join Infolinks? I couldn’t understand why infolink keep denying my site while Adsense has given approval to the mine site.


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