4 Basic SEO Tips for Beginners For Your Blog 2018

Hey Guys!! Every Webmaster or blogger has a dream to see their blog and website on the first page of every search engine with relevant keywords. You can show your website on the first of Google easily but Paid by using Google Adwords. But many of bloggers do not have the budget to get paid traffic. So, Search Engine Optimization helps you to get ranking in Search engine free of Cost. You just need to do hard work for it. I already shared SEO Tips earlier and So Today We are going to talk about 4 Beginners Basic SEO Tips for Beginners For Your Blog 2018. And SEO is of Two Types:

There are some best Working Off Page SEO Techniques To Rank in search engines by SEO. To get Rank in search engines faster, you need to do both On page SEO and Off page SEO on your blog. If you missed anyone then you’ll harder rank.

4 Beginners Basic SEO Tips

If you Follow these Beginners Basic SEO Tips then surely you will get result soon. If you think that these Basic SEO Tips for Beginners are complicated then don’t worry, these Beginners basic SEO tips, when you start your website, are not at all complicated.

Below are the 4 Beginners Basic SEO Tips.

  • Write Great Post Title Of Each Page

The title is one of the important parts of SEO. The title tells both the user and the search engine about the content of the post/page. If your title is not Eye-catching Enough then you will not get good visitors on the blog. And also all the search engines consider this aspect the most important part of a page.

I will suggest you use the main keyword in the Heading and choose the unique and Eye-catching title of the page. Whenever you search your Query in search engines then you got matches search results on the first page.

That means if you want to rank your blog with a specific term, then use that term (keyword) in the title, you will have many points earned.

And Also remember to use your main keyword at the beginning. Which cover your keyword and try to post your rank on search engine.

  • Domain name is important

In SEO, Choose a Domain is very important. So, try to get a short domain which is descriptive and easy to pronounce and remember to users.

If you bought a domain which matches your main keyword which already in search engines then soon it exactly matches our website is relevant and will show in ranking.

If you have a short domain then your users will definitely remember the domain and visit again.

  • Use friendly URLs

Use friendly URLs are also important for SEO. For Example, I have seen many blogs with the URL like www.example.com/?p=123 but this is the wrong format, You should start your URL format like www.latestseoupdate.com/beginners-basic-seo-tips-blog. The second Format is the right one because this format is user-friendly and both the users and search engines can understand your page/post content.

But, the first format does not tell anything so be careful. and Of course, use your main keyword in the URL, this is a plus point for your SEO. Try to follow these beginners Basic SEO Tips.

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  • Use the description

As I said earlier, the title of the page is very important for users as well as search engines. Like same here, the description is also very important of each page because it displayed in the search results of every search engines.

All the search engines give importance to this aspect so try to write a description of all the pages/posts related to content. Use 2-3 Main keywords in it. It helps you to rank faster in the search engines. The descriptions must be brief 160-180 characters, it’s the juice of the whole page. These all are very important beginners Basic SEO Tips, try to follow them.

So, Guys, that’s it from this post ‘beginners Basic SEO Tips’ and I hope you all like it. Please do share with your friends.

If you have any suggestion for beginners Basic SEO Tips, then please do comment so that i’ll correct myself.

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