Beginners Should Avoid these Simple SEO Mistakes in WordPress

Hi! Hello! Good to see you again. Today i’m here to share and give you some important tips that Beginners Should Avoid Simple SEO Mistakes in WordPress or any website. Best SEO Company follow these steps which i’ll give you next. As you Know SEO is wide concept and SEO Beginners do some silly mistakes which affect search engine ranking and they try best of best to get rank but not able to get rank.

In SEO, Competition is very high among all search engine optimization company and all best SEO Company wants best result. If you are working for any company then you should know about these Simple SEO Mistakes in WordPress and you should Avoid to get good result.

Simple SEO Mistakes
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It’s so hard to get rank but it’s very simple to disappear from ranking.

If you are new in SEO and read all articles and blogs about search engine optimization to get rank and still not getting rank then surely you are making some simple SEO mistakes.

Optimizing Your website means Optimize your whole website.

When you Optimize you website that doesn’t mean you just only optimize your homepage or some other web pages only, you need to optimize your whole website like all pages, all posts, Images etc. Best SEO agency follow this rule always.

Simple SEO Mistakes
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Let’s understand this thing with example, If you are taking bath then do you only wash your hands or legs only or whole body? Whole Body, Yes! so Optimize your whole website not only some pages. If you done this then you will surely do good online marketing. These are Simple SEO Tips for beginners.

So here are some points that you follow and Optimize on website:-

Online marketing is not easy now. So you should remember the things that you Should Avoid SEO Mistakes in WordPress. Anyone can do SEO Course but few become master in SEO. They Become master in SEO because they avoid mistakes and they believe in Quality work not in quantity. And this is how best SEO company builds. So you should focus on following things:

SEO Mistakes in WordPress
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Content is the king in SEO. After Google Panda update, Content become king. Now it’s like Insurance of your website. If you do anything wrong with your content then google will never give you rank. Even Not any Best SEO company will help you if your content is copied or not meaningful. Best search engine optimization company focus on Content.

SEO Mistakes in WordPress
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What you need to do is, write Content yourself. Do Not take any help of tool or software. And what’s important is, Write content for Humans not for machines. It means that you should write meaningful content that users can easily understand. Use Good keywords in content which you want to rank throughout the content. Many websites are selling best SEO software for content so don’t use.

# Uses of Headlines & Subheads

SEO Mistakes in WordPress
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Try to use Headlines & Subheads in every post and it can be is done by using H tags (e.g. H1, H2). Heading tells users about the content and also google bots get knowledge about your content and give importance in search engine ranking.

Also Learn:-

#Use of Image Tag Titles & Caption

SEO Mistakes in WordPress
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Google bots is so smart and they read everything on website, Evern Images name, Tag Titles & Caption. If you use Tag Titles & Caption in every image then you will get good rank. You can use your main keywords in image tags titles. Wrong Tags title can affect your ranking badly. Best SEO Company never ignore this point.


URL is also called Slug. Try to use your main keyword in URL. It can increase you search ranking. But avoid stop words like “a,” “the” and “of.”

#Meta Description

Meta Description play important in SEO and your search ranking. Best SEO Company takes full advantage of this option because in Meta Description is shown in SERP. So Be unique in Meta Description and use your keywords in Meta Description. Surely it help you to boost your ranking for that keyword.

Have you Done your keyword Research?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keywords search is very important. If you are not doing this then it’s your big mistake. This is Basic part of seo beginners guide. If you are not doing this work then how can you expect ranking with keywords. And this is the Simple SEO Mistakes but big one.

Keywords research help you to find out some important things like:

  • What people are searching most.
  • Easily get average monthly search volume
  • Understand the competition rate.

So do your homework before do SEO. If you miss this, you’ll miss ranking.

Know Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is important part in SEO and Many Best SEO company do this in good way but it’s can be nightmare for those who implement this in bad way.

Know Keyword Stuffing
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Keyword stuffing is the process to use your keywords in your content. but fistly you need to know where to use keywords and in how much Quantity. Some poor guys use keywords within every sentence—sometimes twice in the same sentence which leds bad effect on your search ranking.

Link Building

After Clear all the above mentioned Points, it’s time for Off Page SEO and Link Building is the part of Off page SEO. I already told you, believe in Quality Work, not in Quantity. But SEO Beginners Do this big mistake. Because they learn this thing by SEO course that link Building is good for search engine ranking but nobody tell them to build backlinks with relevant websites only. and SEO Beginners just try to build maximum backlinks which is not right.

If you are creating backlinks with irrelevant websites then stop it now.

So These are the Simple SEO Mistakes that every SEO Beginners do, so please avoid. Hope this article will help you to gain rank. And Always believe in Quality work in SEO not in Quantity work.


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