Things to Know When Building a Website – Blogging Tips for Beginner

If you are a businessman and having Business website or are you a blogger and are you happy with? Are you missing your sales from your Business website or unable to show your skills to whole world by your blog? There are many Question to be asked if you are not happy with your blog. Today i’m going to talk about some Things to Know When Building a Website which help your website to perform better. These are Beginner Blogging Tips.

Beginner Blogging Tips

Beginner Blogging Tips

Website is just not a thing, It make a huge difference to your business. A good website gets huge visitors, response and sales too. So today i’ll tell you what you need to do When you Building a Website or after build it.

Things to Know When Building a Website

The below points are Beginner Blogging Tips and these Things to Know When Building a Website.


You can not run any website or blog without Security, because Security is very important for everyone Either they are humans or websites. WordPress has little less security (By Default) and cyber criminals can break it easily. Here are some Tips to Secure WordPress Website. You can use some trusted plugins to make your wordpress website secure. And If you are using other platform to building website then remember, Website Security is very important. cyber criminals can insert virus in your website or a take your important data from your website. This is common Beginner Blogging Tips.

#Design of website

I’ll suggest you to change your website design according to fashion. Nobody wants to visit on websites which look dull, even i don’t want to visit those website which are very simple. I doesn’t mean that you over design your website and make it very slow. I mean to say that just design in the way which attract users. Provide Good user experience which increase traffic on your website.

#User experience

As i mentioned user experience matters so while Building a Website or current website, also focus on user experience. This comes in Beginner Blogging Tips. If you are unable to provide good user experience than users who visited on your website/blog will never visit again. I’ll suggest you some tips for make good User experience,

  • Do not put pop-up on your website because it irritate the users.
  • Provide articles after post content or in sidebar so that users get more information.
  • Write User friendly articles.
  • Do not use very advanced english. Write Content in your own language so that other users can understand what you want to say.


Try to Reduce your website running cost. You might be paying more than your usages. For example, Your website is running on heavy server which is not required then you can cut off some cost from here and also find Cheap WordPress Hosting Sites which provide low cost servers.


Traffic is very important for any website or blog. If you are not getting traffic then you should work on your website and follow 6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic For Free. Without traffic it’s like you are living alone in the whole world. You can promote your website content on social media which is an larger platform to get targeted traffic on your blog. Remember this Beginner Blogging Tips.

#Mobile Friendly Site

The important Beginner Blogging Tips is to make Mobile Friendly Site because this is the first Things to Know When Building a Website. As you know, everyone have smartphones and tablets, and 90% of users visit on website by mobile. If you are unable to make Mobile Friendly website then google will not give ranking and nobody wants to see website which is not Mobile Friendly.

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SEO is essential for every website and blog. SEO helps to get ranking in search engines with desire keywords. So you must do SEO for your website. You can also learn How to Start SEO for New Website.

SEO is of two type which are:

These both are very important to get ranking in search engines.

Hope these point will help you to improve your website performance because these are Beginner Blogging Tips. Tell me in comments which technique you are using for blog performance’s improvement.

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