Important Things Needs To be Done After Create A WordPress Blog

Hay Guys! This post for newbies who newly created wordpress. This post is the part Learn WordPress. If you don’t know How to Create a Website with WordPress then learn and know How to Setup WordPress Blog. Basic SEO Tips for WordPress.

Basic SEO Tips
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Now After learn these all thing, Time to know Important Things Needs To be Done After Create A WordPress Blog.

Must do settings for New created WordPress blog: Basic SEO Tips for wordpress

There are some settings which beginners don’t know after create wordpress blog. If you created WordPress blog then you need to do these following settings:

1#. Default Post, Page, and Comment

When you install wordpress, then it also install Default Post, Page, and Comment. You should need to delete those post, comments and pages.

Page will name of ‘Sample Page‘ and post will be named as ‘Hello World‘. You need to delete both things.

Click on All Pages then you will see Default page named ‘Sample Page‘. Just delete it.

Basic SEO Tips

Now Delete Default post which is named ‘Hello World’.  Click on All post and you will saw Hello World’ post. Delete it.

Basic SEO Tips

And the same thing you need to do to delete default comment. Click on Comments and delete it. This is the first Basic SEO Tips for WordPress.

2#. General settings of Blog

After complete the first step, You need to compete and setup general settings for blog like your Site Title and Tagline. And Make sure you set your blog timezone to your local time so that you schedule posts, they will go live according to your timezone.

Basic SEO Tips

You put your website Title in ‘Site Title’ and you can add tagline also for you blog. They Both thinks shown in the search engines.

You can set your admin email address so that you receive all updates like comment on blog etc on your email.

And If your blog has Login and register option for all users then you must check the membership box and must set the ‘New User Default Role‘ as shown in the Picture. So that your users can register on your website. This is the Basic SEO Tips for beginners.

Basic SEO Tips

3#. Must to setup your WordPress Permalinks

Now it’s time to set up your Permalinks for posts and pages in wordpress. In the settings,  you will find option of Permalinks, just Click on it.

Basic SEO Tips

The Default Permalinks for your blog will be 1st one, the plain Permalinks. But you can choose Permalinks according to you. I prefer Permalinks ‘post name‘.

After choose your Permalinks, click on save changes. And you’ll see all post and pages according to your chosen Permalinks.

For Example:

Basic SEO Tips

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4#. Discussion/Comments Settings

After complete above steps, It’s time to set your Discussion and Comments Setting. You will find this option in ‘settings‘ and the discussion.

Basic SEO Tips

If you are allowing for comment then choose setting what i did. and set all setting as above image.

You must allow comment in blog. Because it increase users engagement and also users can tell you about their experience. These are Basic SEO Tips for beginners.

5#. Media Settings

By setting this, this will surely improve the way WordPress handles images. By default WordPress automatically create multiple sizes for every image that you upload. This is now Good.

And you should also add plugin which Optimize images for website.

Basic SEO Tips

So Guys these were some Basic SEO Tips for beginners. Follow these tips which help you to make your blog professional.

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