Advantage and Disadvantages Online Shopping these day

Hey Guys! How are you all? Did you ever does online Shopping? Maximum people in their entire life does online shopping at least one time because online shopping is so much popular these days because of some Advantage. But as you know, Everything have two phases of Advantage and Disadvantages, Online shopping also has some Advantage and Disadvantages too. So Today, We are going to talk on Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Shopping These days.

As everyone is not comfortable by doing Online Shopping, for example, me. I never buy clothes by doing Online Shopping because i don’t feel comfortable and i don’t know why. But apart from this, There are many advantages of online shopping that i feel and this is why online shopping or stores are having the booming business today.

Online shopping allows you to buy anything like clothes, electronic gadgets, shoes etc, even pets. So Below are some Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Shopping these days.

Online Shopping

Advantage of Online Shopping

Online shopping allows you to buy anything like clothes, electronic gadgets, shoes etc, even pets. So Below are some Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Shopping these days.

1#. Making It Easy to Find Products

I agree with the fact that online shopping makes easy shopping for those who are very busy in their life. Shopping websites allow you to shop for anything from anywhere, anytime like from office, Home, while traveling etc. What you need to have is a mobile phone/ laptop/tablet and Internet connection.

You need to search for the required products and many products will appear at different prices of different companies. So Shopping online makes Easy to Find Products.

2#. Saves time and energy

Shopping from online websites save your lots of time because if you want to do shopping then you need to visit your local stores and look out for the products and you will get only particular choice of products and on another hand you can shop while sitting at home or office and you will get various products choice of many companies.

So if you to online shopping then you can save your lots of time and also save you to deal in the crowd or standing in line. Even now you can get food by online shopping.

3#. The choice to access the wider range of options

When you do online shopping then you get access of a wider range of options in products. While offline shopping, you need to go to every shop or store to see the products and this process waste your lots of time.

4#. Comparison of Prices and Quality

After the revolution of online shopping, it’s become very good to compare prices of the same products from different sellers. And More competition in the online market allows you get a great deal. Because in Online sell marketing, there are many sellers of the same product and everyone want to give the best deal to increase sell.

5#. Able Find rare Products

Sometimes we unable to find some products in the offline market but after the revolution of online shopping, users able to find rare products from all over the countries and much online shopping website also allowed to buy products from other countries.

6#. Privacy

There are many products which you don’t want to buy publically but now you can buy those products by online selling websites that deliver at your home effortlessly.

7# 24*7 Availability

Local stores are opened 15-16 hours per day and also they might be closed for some holidays and other functions but on other hand, Online shopping stores are always open 24*7, any holiday or any other function, you will get your order on time.

Disadvantages of shopping online

So we talked about the Advantage, now i’ll let you know the Disadvantages because anything that have Advantage, it also had Disadvantages. So here we go:

1#. Have to Wait to receive your package

Mainly when you order something online then you need to wait for 3-4 days to get your products until you order it by urgently by paying some more amount. And in offline shopping, you just need to visit on the store, select the product, pay the amount and bring it at home. But these day, there is lots of competition in online sellers and they just want to become the best one. For this, delivery becoming very fast.

2#. Delivery issue

Sometimes delivery boys not able to locate your address and failed to deliver the product on time when you need it. I already faced this issue. I order something and it was very important for me but from 2 days, delivery boys not able to locate my address and then i take leave from the office to get the product.

3#. Return Issue

Sometimes you get damaged product and then you request for return or exchange and it takes time. I also faced this issue. I ordered HP laptop by amazon, product was delivered next day but i found some issue in that. I contant to amazon regarding this but they said contant to HP service center. I want there and they said we can not take warrintry for the product which is bought online. i was really fed up. After 17-20 days, amazon ready to replace it. Yeah! After 17-20 days later.

4#. Scamming issue

Sometimes you can be scammed online. So be attentive and make sure that nobody is watching you when you are paying online by credit or debit card.

5#. Being addicted to online shopping

As i said earlier that finding rare product is now becoming easy by online websites and i can give many more reason by which people now becoming addicted to online shopping. If someone want to buy shirt online then they get more option on e-commerce website which showing other thing like t-shirts, pants, jeans etc and people just go for it.

So Guys that’s it from the post ‘Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Shopping these day’. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestion then please comment down.

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