How to Activate Newspaper WordPress Premium Theme

Hay Guys!! Are you an blogger? lol! If you have a blog on wordpress then maybe you’ve heard about Newspaper WordPress Premium Theme which so popular among all bloggers because it has lots of features and layout like news, magazine, review, video, website etc. which can be used according to your niche. So Today Will discuss How to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free.

Activate Newspaper WordPress
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Newspaper Theme is so userfriendly and everybody want to apply Newspaper WordPress Premium Theme but you need to pay around 75$ to 80$ and then you will get envato purchase code for newspaper theme to activate newspaper theme. 80$ is not a low price for everyone and think who are skilled bloggers and unable to buy theme to set up blog. Those who use nulled themes are at more risk because hacking become easy if we used nulled themes.

In Newspaper Theme, You get lots of inbuilt features and if you use Newspaper Theme then you not need to install any extra plugin to Show Google Adsense Ads because this theme already have inbuilt feature to show ads.

So In this post, I’ll tell you How to Free download Newspaper V8.1 WordPress theme and How to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free. Don’t worry It’s working.

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How to Free download Newspaper V8.1 WordPress theme

Don’t download Newspaper theme from Anywhere, I’m giving you the link of newspaper theme which is secure and easy to download.

Free download Newspaper V8.1 WordPress theme

activate newspaper theme

Now Just Click on download button and you can easily download newspaper theme from google drive. You will get theme in .zip file. what you need to do is just to install newspaper theme in your wordpress blog.

How to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free

When you install newspaper theme in your wordpress blog then a error or you can say warning you’ll see like ‘Please Activate the Theme’  but don’t worry, No need to worry, I’ll tell you the easy way to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free step by step. You just need to follow the step given below to Activate Newspaper Theme.

activate newspaper theme

Step – 1

1# Find td_ajax.php file:

The First Step to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free is to open td_ajax.php and for this you need to open your C-panel of your hosting or you can open your wordpress file manager by FTP.

Go to wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php

activate newspaper theme

This for FTP users.

activate newspaper theme

2#. Open td_ajax.php file:

Now Open the td_ajax.php file and search for below code

private static function td_validate_data($id, $ec, $ad)

You will see this code.

activate newspaper theme

3# Change Code:

Now What you need to do this just to change One word, False to True, Refer to below Images.

False to

activate newspaper theme


activate newspaper theme

And SAVE it. This is the first step to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free.

Step – 2

After Complete td_ajax.php file, It’s time to Edit td_cake.php file.

As the first step, We need to Open td_cake.php which is also in the same location. but still you can find it from here, wp-content/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_cake.php and open it to edit it.

And Now search for ‘function td_cake_manual($s_id, $e_id, $t_id)

activate newspaper theme

Now do the same thing, Change false to true and save it. Our Both step are done to Activate Newspaper WordPress Premium Theme.

Activation newspaper 8 Final Process:

Now to Activate Newspaper Theme, visit your wordpress dashboard and follow the steps:

  • Visit dashboard and click on Activate theme

  • Below you can see the option Activate the theme manually, click on it.

You will see this Window.

Now Enter:



After that click on Activate and you will see

Congratulations! You do it. This is How to Activate Newspaper Theme For Free. I hope this will help you and if you have any issue then comment below. And this Newspaper Theme Activation Method is 100% working.


  1. Ah, Finally find you..
    I was looking for this trick for activating my newspaper WordPress theme.
    Will it work on newspaper version8?

    Sreehari Sree

  2. OMG, Thank you very much.
    My theme has activated Really awesome…….. I will try lot of Technics. But not works properly.
    But this method is working perfectly. Thanks a lot.


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