These 5 Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes

5 Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes that you should avoid

SEO is the wide concept where many SEO trends came and goes. Either you are a blogger, Best SEO Company or SEO Expert, You need to follow all new trends and avoid all old techniques. But some peoples or Beginners made some 5 Basic SEO Errors which affect your search engine ranking. Or if you are following all rules of SEO but Still not able to get ranking the somewhere you are making some Common Basic SEO Errors that you should avoid. So Today i’m sharing 5 Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes that you should avoid.

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#Are you Optimizing the Right Keywords?

Choosing of right keywords is very important in search engine optimization. For example, My Name is Lalit Mittal. So Lalit Mittal is my main keywords for myself. If somebody called me with another name then i’ll surely don’t give attention. So the keywords describe your website and your content.

Optimizing the Right Keywords
Source: Google

Suppose you are writing content on pet food or your website selling pet food only but using keywords like buy pet, pet shop, buy online pet, etc so this is the wrong selection. People who are searching to buy pets will close your website instantly. And Also try to use Long-tail keywords in your content.

So first make search on your keywords, then start writing.

#Stuffing Keywords

What happen when you are searching for anything online, visit on a webpage and read the content but find that every single paragraph is filled with keywords. It’s like 100 words in one paragraph in which 60 words are used for keywords only. Refer this below given image for example.

Source: Google

It’s seems like this is the best way to get Google’s attention is to stuff your keywords in every phrases in every sentence possible. but guys today it’s count a spammy practice. So do not try this. It’s will be a nightmare for you. It will affect your ranking badly. Try to use your keywords when they needed.

When you write any content then think like a user. This is very Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes so try to avoid it because best SEO Company do.

So If you want to be smart in SEO, so follow the all these given suggestions.

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#Are you offering copying, Unoriginal, Meaningless Content?

Users on Internet want Unique and meaningful think that make sense. But if you are Posting Copying content, Unoriginal content or Meaningless Content on your website then neither google will take interest in your content not users. Google only give importance to those website in ranking which have own, meaningful and original content.

Basic SEO Errors that Every Beginners Makes
Source: Google

Whenever you write content for website then write for humans. If Humans are not able to read and understand your content then what will be the profit? Writing content by choosing extraordinary words will not help you. Write in simple language. So that users take interest in your content and this will help to increase users engagement.

Or If you are offering copy content on your website to users then it’ll not help you. Users need different taste.

Don’t know how to write content then hire any content write or their are many website who offer freelance content writer.

#Focus on Quality not Quantity

Earlier when your site have hundreds of backlinks then you get search engine ranking easily. But Now Google Focus on Quality so as All best SEO Companies. These day Competition is very high. If a website have 5 quality backlinks and one website have 100 normal backlinks, Google will give rank to that website which has Quality backlinks.

Source: Google

Let me give you a simple example. Suppose you went to market to buy Rice and you find two type of rice. One is of best Quality and other one is of low grade. Which one you will prefer? Firstly you will prefer best Quality. So Quality Matters.

So Here is:

You = Google

Rice = Backlinks

So try to get quality backlinks and try to get backlinks on relevant for your website.

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# Are you ignoring Google Analytics?

Ignoring Google Analytics can be danger for your website and ranking as well. Google Analytics can help you to monitor your website data like bounce rate, landing page, users timing on web pages or blog, exit pages, searching keywords etc. and these thing always help a seo expert to serve batter and quality things to users.

By Google Analytics, you can take necessary data of your website and focus on your mistake to improve thing.

So These were the 5 Basic SEO Errors hope you ignore these Basic SEO Errors to improve you ranking. If you have any issue the comment down.



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